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OOZEObject Oriented Z Environment
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Ooze offers products for concentrates, tobacco, and essential oils, selling throughout the country to consumers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers of all sizes.
According to Comicvine Yoshi's pet rat discovered the ooze and the four little turtles while scavenging for food in the sewer.
See those images attached about the oral cavity, and the nasal cavity all joining the Esophagus and once there is a 'Stop' in Esophagus there is a tendency for the bottle-fed milk to ooze out through mouth and nose.
One Super Hot Summer Day, Pig walked to Muddy Ooze.
Even the pigeon in the central foreground seems to ooze ennui.
Those microorganisms produce methane as they consume dead plants and organic substances that ooze from the roots of live plants.
Rotate the rotor and add grease to the four fittings until you see it ooze from the upper or lower bearing seal.
It is this attention given to the sound and overall concept of the music that makes all the difference: a certain formality in place of illdisciplined jamming, and a clarity of purpose which would ooze with style if style oozed, which I doubt.
But look, take a peek for yourself and enjoy the mastery of ooze, shimmy and bloop.
At a waffle house somewhere in Arkansas, there must be a Yokozuna in the making, slathering an inch or two of buttery ooze over his supersize Sunday brunch.
Any existing moles that change colour or shape, become unusually large or begin to bleed or ooze.
They ooze the class that Victoria Beckham thrives on