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OPTICOpportunities for Technology Information Careers (Antioch, CA)
OPTICOntario Photonics Technology Industry Cluster (Canada)
OPTICObservation Protocol for Technology Integration in the Classroom
OPTICOntario Police Technology and Information Cooperative (Canada)
OPTICOregon Parent Training and Information Center (Salem, OR)
OPTICObserving Pupils and Teachers in Classrooms (educational psychology)
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Yet those same bleared optics had a strange, penetrating power, when it was their owner's purpose to read the human soul.
I know of governors of places, and seneschals of castles, and sheriffs of counties, and many like small offices and titles of honor, but him you call the Science of Optics I have not heard of before; peradventure it is a new dignity.
Now came a pause of ten minutes, during which I, by this time in perfect possession of my wits, observed all the female Brocklehursts produce their pocket-handkerchiefs and apply them to their optics, while the elderly lady swayed herself to and fro, and the two younger ones whispered, "How shocking
They would sometimes alight upon my victuals, and leave their loathsome excrement, or spawn behind, which to me was very visible, though not to the natives of that country, whose large optics were not so acute as mine, in viewing smaller objects.
At the time I will confess that I thought chiefly of the PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS and my own seventeen papers upon physical optics.
To you, likewise, these optics are indispensable - yet I will convince you that my vision is more penetrating than your own.
With all his sagacity, Rabourdin was better versed in matters of administration than in parliamentary optics, and he was far indeed from imagining how his confidence would be received; he little thought that the great work that filled his mind would seem to the minister nothing more than a theory, and that a man who held the position of a statesman would confound his reform with the schemes of political and self-interested talkers.
Photography has given us proofs of the incomparable beauty of our satellite; all is known regarding the moon which mathematical science, astronomy, geology, and optics can learn about her.
And she raised her face, and gave me such a look of sorrowful tenderness as might have melted my heart, but within those eyes there lurked a something that I did not like; and I wondered how I ever could have admired them - her sister's honest face and small grey optics appeared far more agreeable.
INTRODUCTION, METHODOLOGY & PRODUCT DEFINITIONS Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1 Disclaimers I-2 Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-2 Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-3 Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3 Definitions I-3 Fiber Optic Connectors I-3 Fiber Optic Couplers I-3 Fiber Optic Transmitters/Receivers I-4 Fiber Optic Amplifiers I-4 Others I-4
Cadaveric studies have shown a highly variable anatomy in the relationship of the optic nerve to the posterior sphenoethmoid sinus.