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ODOutside Diameter
ODOlive Drab
ODDoctor of Optometry
ODOver Dose
ODOculus Dexter (Latin: Right Eye)
ODOn Demand
ODOne Direction (band)
ODOpus Dei (Latin: Work of God)
ODOptical Density
ODOffice of the Director (NIH)
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ODOf Distinction
ODOh Dear
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ODOpioid Dependent
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ODOutput Data
ODOptical Disk
ODOrigin - Destination
ODOrganizational Design
ODOffice of Disability (Social Security)
ODOperations Director
ODOpen Drain (electronics)
ODOut of Desperation
ODOperations Division
ODOrganizational Diagnosis
ODOccupation Double (French TV show)
ODOffense Defense (sports)
ODOpportunistic Disease
ODOvercurrent Detection
ODoutside dimension
ODOpen Diary (website)
ODOfficer Down
ODOpen Detonation (outdoor munitions disposal regulation)
ODOrthogonal Design
ODOfficial Declaration
ODOverseas Department
ODOil Distribution
ODObservable Difference
ODOver Drive
ODOperating Division
ODOperations Directive
ODOperational Day (scientific experimentation and data recording)
ODOperand Decomposition (algorithm)
ODOrganic Data
ODOxígeno Disuelto (Spanish: Dissolved Oxygen)
ODOven Dried Solid
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ODOriginal Dissent (conservative website)
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ODOutside Dose (radiation exposure)
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Tsai and his colleagues from National Taiwan University, National Applied Research Laboratories in Taiwan, and the Research Center for Applied Sciences in Taiwan used the large surface area of optical disks as a platform to grow tiny, upright zinc oxide nanorods about a thousandth the width of a human hair.
Variable label sizes: Soft4Boost Disc Cover Studio will create labels for different sized optical disks including CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, VCD and optical storage disks;
The PC for optical use, prepared by conventional interfacial polymerization, was obtained as a powder from Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics Corp.; its viscosity-averaged molecular weight was 16,000, and it is a typical PC used for optical disk substrates.
MCS's managing director Claude Suppiah, said, "We are investing in the latest technology for the replication of optical disks. This will be one of the most modern production facilities of its kind in the country and will be capable of supplying quality prerecorded CD, DVD and other optical disk products to our current clients as well as offering opportunities to potential customers, " he said.
To put the speed factor into consumer terms, using new Elantec laser drivers like the EL6249C, manufacturers can develop high speed optical disk drives capable of copying a full 70-minute CD in just 4-minutes or less!"
Large-format optical disk systems are used to output and store data from mainframe and networked computers using large digital files requiring quick, cost-effective retrieval.
The following excerpt from Green's discussion of optical disk technology exemplifies his style:
* Data stored on optical disks can play a major role in disaster recovery.
Q If business records are stored on an optical disk, may the original paper records be destroyed?
However, the IRS has not directly addressed the issue of data converted to paper at the time of the transaction (e.g., a contract printed with a word processor and signed) and then at a later date--after the contract is completed--scanned and stored on optical disk.
IS OPTICAL DISK TECHNOLOGY more than a run-of-the-mill innovation for the health care industry?
Since one optical disk can store up to 20,000 documents, the company has saved the cost of the complete system in floor-space savings alone.