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OIOwens-Illinois, Inc. (glass container and plastics manufacturer)
OIOriental Institute
OIOral Irrigator (dentistry)
OIOpen Interest (finance)
OIOsteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bone bisease)
OIOperation Ivy (Ska band)
OIOpenindiana (open source computing)
OIOutside in (Frisbee throw)
OIOffice of Investigations
OIOld Irish (dialect)
OIOpportunistic Infection
OIOceanology International (periodic conference and trade show)
OIOperating Income
OIOffice of Information
OIOptical Illusion
OIOxfam International (UK)
OIOperator Interface
OIOvulation Induction (fertility treatment)
OIOptimist International (St. Louis, MO)
OIOther Insurance
OIOptimum Interpolation
OIOrdinary Income (US IRS)
OIOxygen Index
OIOpportunity International (Oak Brook, IL)
OIOffice of Intelligence (USCS)
OIOperating Instruction
OIOrphans International
OIOperations Interface
OIOrcas Island (Washington)
OIObjeto Indirecto (Spanish grammar)
OIOsmose Inverse (French: Reverse Osmosis)
OIOptical Isolator (Telcordia)
OIOre Ida (food brand)
OIOptical Interface
OIOther Investigation (US IRS)
OIOutside Information
OIOpening Instructions
OIOperations Integration
OIOckenden International (UK registered charity)
OIOperational Instruction
OIOpto-Isolator (electronics)
OIOffice Interface
OIOperational Issue
OIOperational Instrumentation
OIOrganization Identifier (ASN.1)
OIOpportunity Illuminator (radar)
OIOutput Isolation
OIOrder for Information (EPA)
OIOperator Interrupt (telecommunications)
OIOutline of Investigation
OIOrganizational Integrator
OIOrganization Indicator
OIOptical Improvements
OIOptical Improved
OIOFISA Informatique (Lausanne, Switzerland)
OIOrganizationally Impaired
OIOutreach International, Inc. (Independence, MO)
OIOrbit Infotech (New Delhi, India)
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He will see the optical illusion that comes from having two cards of different sizes placed in position so they look like they are the same size.
This means that the effect of material facility has been used to create an optical illusion for the viewer.
BEIRUT: Optical illusions are two-dimensional drawings that play tricks on the eyes, deliberately creating an effect that is wrongly interpreted by the brain.
Tunnel View Right by Hans Kotter, an optical illusion artwork that makes the viewer feel like he or she is looking down a deep bending colourful tunnel of lights.
Yellow optical illusion dress, was pounds 38, now pounds 30, Dorothy Perkins Designed by Stella McCartney, the clever frocks have darker panels down the side that elongate the body and slim your silhouette.
ILLUSION The fake shop front on the Parrish building is a replica of a bakery VISUAL Paul Murphy, from Shopjacket, outside the empty retail unit which has been transformed into a 3D optical illusion
The high number of examples in literary works collected in this volume aims at showing a widespread reception of optical illusions that would be hard to imagine considering the changes in taste in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Beware, once your students' interest has been peaked, they'll be optical illusion fanatics
This artistic optical illusion is a fitting metaphor for the political sleight of hand that is Ariel Sharon's Great Wall.
Optical Illusion Flip Book: Astounding Optical Illusions Amazing Optical Tricks, Gyles Brandreth and Katherine Joyce, 2001.
An optical illusion occurs when our eyes see something our brain can't figure out, so the brain makes up its own information.