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OPTIMALOptimised Procedures and Techniques for IMprovement of Approach and Landing (aircraft project)
OPTIMALOptimised Preparation of Manufacturing Information with Multilevel CAM-CNC Coupling
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Optimal Blue is the premier cloud-based provider of managed-content, enterprise lending services including product eligibility and pricing, secondary marketing, consumer engagement, data and analytics, and compliance services.
Optimal Blue, headquartered in Plano, Texas, provides managed-content, enterprise lending services to mortgage originators and investors.
The optimal levels were defined as LDL "bad" cholesterol of lower than 70, HDL "good" cholesterol of higher than 50, triglycerides less than 150, and blood pressure less than 120/80.
For the optimal application of the boron nitride mold coating with magnesium (9 degrees Baume density, mold at 400F), the wear rate is about 1 micrometer/pour.
not a salient challenge), CV structure can be optimal.
Understanding why important economic indicators such as unemployment, output, and inflation gradually rise and fall over the business cycle is of central importance to many macroeconomic issues, including the optimal conduct of monetary policy.
Some ETPs--polycarbonate in particular--require a minimal amount of "heat soak" for optimal plastication.
GTCR has committed up to USD 350m of equity capital to the investment to pursue growth initiatives at Optimal Blue as well as complementary acquisitions to provide information and other digital services to the mortgage marketplace.
Optimal did not disclose the financial parameters of the deal.
The AllRegs LoanLibrary product--which features 2,600 products and 60 investors--will now be available to all users of Optimal Blue's Web-based product eligibility and pricing engine (PPE), according to Dan Thoms, AllRegs senior vice president.
The first issue elaborated on is the general similarity that exists between a profit-maximizing ppm marking up marginal cost to determine the optimal price to charge consumers, and a profit-maximizing rpm marking down marginal revenue product to determine the wage to offer workers, labor assumed to be the firm's one variable resource.
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