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ORATEOregon Association of Teacher Educators
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The Orate Fratres (Pray my brothers and sisters, or more literally, my brethren) translates meum ac vestrum sacrificium as "my sacrifice and yours" and not "our sacrifice." The latter blurs the role of the priest celebrant and worshippers.
Kerry is an old-fashioned senatorial blowhard, with a tendency to "orate." At the start of his initially unpromising campaign, he was quoting Alexis de Tocqueville to guys in bars.
Williams is quick to refute suggestions that Ascent's tin, orate consolidation of boutique operations has alienated some clients.
El misterio de la cripta embrujada, que ya va en su 55a edicion, cuenta las andanzas de un personaje un tanto orate y esperpentico, quien con la connivencia del doctor Sugranes, su tratante, y un turbio policia, el comisario Flores, abandona el siquiatrico en pos de resolver un intrincado acertijo policial que involucra a la elite espanola luego del cambio de regimen.
Such a nationwide shift in coat, orate priorities typically happens after a bubble when companies see their asset values falling sharply relative to their liabilities.
Callinan, who led the Republic's newsroom through a change in ownership from Central Newspapers and the formation of a partnership with Gannett's Phoenix TV station, KPNX, says he wants to incorp orate more racial and cultural diversity into the Enquirer's coverage.
The survey found that state and local laws and administrative policies tend to restrict investments perceived to be more of a credit risk, such as corp orate stock and real estate.
Inscriptions such as orate pro nobis were effaced as encouraging superstitious acts of intercession and prayer for the dead.
journal of liturgical studies, Orate Fratres, later renamed Worship.
Orate, a UK telecomms consultancy organisation, has launched a new package aimed at providing consumers with reduced call charges when abroad.
El presidente de Ecuador, Abdala Bucaram, un 'orate' populista convertido en neoliberal, pierde el poder en un golpe legislativo tras una huelga general contra sus politicas economicas.