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ORBObject Request Broker (CORBA)
ORBOak Ridge Boys (band)
ORBOnline Reference Book
ORBO-Ring Boss (hydraulic seal)
ORBOfficer Record Brief
ORBOstdeutscher Rundfunk Brandenburg (German Radio and TV Station)
ORBOrganic Radical Battery
ORBOff-world Resource Base (game by Strategy First games)
ORBObservatoire Royal de Belgique (Royal Observatory of Belgium)
ORBOil Rub Bronze
ORBOperation Request Block
ORBOrebro, Sweden - Orebro (Airport Code)
ORBObject Ring Buffer (earthquake software device)
ORBOperational Review Board
ORBOptimization Research Bridge
ORBOutside Reading Book
ORBOrnate Rune Blade (Everquest game weapon)
ORBOcean Resources Branch (Hawaii)
ORBOrganizational Retaliatory Behavior
ORBOrange Belt Stages (Visalia, CA)
ORBOcean Rate Bulletin (transport industry publication)
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On, yet on, crept the ring of darkness; it was now more than half across the blood-red orb.
And now, gently lifting up those two bright orbs which had already begun to make an impression on poor Jones, she discharged a volley of small charms at once from her whole countenance in a smile.
Ordinarily grey and cold and harsh, they were now warm and soft and golden, and all a-dance with tiny lights that dimmed and faded, or welled up till the full orbs were flooded with a glowing radiance.
With Orb and a Hauppauge(R) WinTV(R) tuner-card on my home PC, I can stream to my phone the new Dr.
The orb is a desktop sized frosted-glass ball that can be set to glow different colors based on pre-programmed situations.
In addition to online TV, Orb TV provides consumers with easy access to thousands of movies on their TV, via Netflix.
Damian Miller, CEO of Orb Energy said "India is experiencing above average economic growth which has lead to strong demand for electric appliances.
We're helping bring live international soccer matches from South Africa to our users' smartphones," said Joe Costello, CEO of Orb Networks.
Now with Orb, these consumers can easily get their WinTV to provide them with TV wherever they go," said Orb Networks CEO Jim Behrens.
Orb will provide solar systems for back-up power and for thermal applications.
Orb makes it possible for users to access their entire media collection stored on their PC, web-cam feeds, live TV, and internet TV and stream any content they wish to their phones and personal devices.
Voice messaging fills the gap between real-time voice conversations and text-based messaging solutions," said Ian McCarthy, vice president of product marketing at Orb Networks, the creators of V4S.