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ORDChicago, IL, USA - O'Hare International Airport (Airport Code)
ORDOffice of Research and Development
ORDOrganization(al) Development
ORDOffice of Rare Diseases (National Institutes of Health)
OrdOrdinary Seaman
ORDOperational Requirement(s) Document
ORDOptical Rotatory Dispersion
ORDOperational Readiness Demonstration
ORDOrdnance Data (TMINS)
ORDOffice of Research and Demonstrations
ORDOnline Resource Directory
ORDOperational Ready Date
ORDOperational Readiness Date
ORDOperations Research Department
ORDOverseas Replacement Depot
ORDOrganisation for Rural Development
ORDOwner's Risk of Damage
ORDOptical Rotatory Dispersion Spectroscopy
ORDOften Required Data
ORDOld Orchard Field (now O'Hare International)
ORDOver Rated Defense
ORDObject-Relational Database
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What thanks, what ardent and ceaseless thanks are due to that all-superintending Providence which has turned a cruel war into peace, brought order out of confusion, made the fierce savages placid, and turned away their hostile weapons from our country
It is essential, in order to a complete estimate of the advantages of official life, to view the incumbent at the in-coming of a hostile administration.
My good townspeople will not much regret me, for -- though it has been as dear an object as any, in my literary efforts, to be of some importance in their eyes, and to win myself a pleasant memory in this abode and burial-place of so many of my forefathers -- there has never been, for me, the genial atmosphere which a literary man requires in order to ripen the best harvest of his mind.
Continental Airlines converted 12 737NG orders to orders for the 737-900ER, raising its firm commitment for the new variant to 24.
The Board makes the final findings of fact, conclusions of law, and determination whether to issue an order of prohibition in the case of prohibition orders sought by the OCC.
Initiation of care through orders for therapy and procedures
Use numbered purchase orders when buying goods, and issue to employees who receive items (a kitchen manager or prep cook, for example) a list of these numbers to verify an order was actually placed.
An example, says Oglesby, is Gulf South's "Partners in Efficiency" program, which encourages clients to consolidate orders in exchange for better pricing.
Work assignments are received remotely, eliminating the need for techs to travel into the office to receive marching orders.
Another way to use limit orders on the sell side is to enter "stop-loss" orders with your broker, A stop-loss order is used primarily to limit losses on profitable stock positions.
The Commerce Department reported Wednesday that orders for durable goods - products such as aircraft and appliances expected to last more than three years - fell by an identical 1.
For smaller departments, especially those housed in a single location, general orders may function as standard operating procedures as well.