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ORDChicago, IL, USA - O'Hare International Airport (Airport Code)
ORDOffice of Research and Development
ORDOrganization(al) Development
ORDOffice of Rare Diseases (National Institutes of Health)
OrdOrdinary Seaman
ORDOperational Requirement(s) Document
ORDOptical Rotatory Dispersion
ORDOperational Readiness Demonstration
ORDOrdnance Data (TMINS)
ORDOffice of Research and Demonstrations
ORDOnline Resource Directory
ORDOperational Ready Date
ORDOperational Readiness Date
ORDOperations Research Department
ORDOverseas Replacement Depot
ORDOrganisation for Rural Development
ORDOwner's Risk of Damage
ORDOptical Rotatory Dispersion Spectroscopy
ORDOften Required Data
ORDOld Orchard Field (now O'Hare International)
ORDOver Rated Defense
ORDObject-Relational Database
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It was all fitted with lockers from top to bottom, so as to stow away the officers' belongings and a part of the ship's stores; there was a second store-room underneath, which you entered by a hatchway in the middle of the deck; indeed, all the best of the meat and drink and the whole of the powder were collected in this place; and all the firearms, except the two pieces of brass ordnance, were set in a rack in the aftermost wall of the round-house.
Remarks: A) Emd Value As Mentioned Above Shall Be Submitted In The Form Of Dd/Fdr/Bank Guarantee Issued In Favour Of General Manager, Ordnance Factory Ambajhari, Nagpur - 21.
Michael Saalborn, a first-responder and a safety specialist with JMTC, said the German ordnance removal company EMC was searching the area for unexploded ordnance.
Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra says the ordnance exploded as Palestinian workers were helping family members remove rubble from a house destroyed in the 50-day war in the Strip.
Andrew Loveless, Commercial Director at Ordnance Survey, says: "I am truly delighted that the new agreement means Ordnance Survey can continue to work directly with Openreach.
Paper maps are an important and iconic part of the Ordnance Survey brand and we strongly feel that they remain an essential part of the outdoors market, working alongside digital products and apps.
Nonetheless, as the war in Afghanistan continues to drawdown, the EOD force will need to adjust some of its attention from the removal of IEDs, Soviet-era unexploded ordnance, and explosive remnants of war to the demilitarization of the NATO's munitions currently stored in theater.
After clearing the area immediately forward of the aircraft and incorrectly visually inspecting the feed-chute, feeder, and gun for any remaining rounds, the ordnance maintenance team QASO started to duplicate the discrepancy.
Central Command's 1ED threat was met by the joint explosive ordnance disposal force--the one military organization that had tracked the threat, understood the technology and trained to counter homemade bombs before Sept.
Al-Bushra indicated that some areas affected with the armed conflicts are suffering from existence of some unexploded ordnances , disclosing that four teams were formed to work for get rid of unexploded ordnance in a number of areas in Darfur.
The drive to clear former battle areas of unexploded ordnance was contained in a letter by the Foundation Suisse De Deminage (FSD) and PCBL to Marvic Leonen and Mohagher Iqbal, respectively the chair of the government and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) peace panels.
The Report 8020/SER Q52/2250, "Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance (HERO) Safety Evaluation Test Report for Near-Touching Use of RuBee (IEEE 1902.