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ORDChicago, IL, USA - O'Hare International Airport (Airport Code)
ORDOffice of Research and Development
ORDChicago O'Hare International Airport (airport code; Chicago, IL)
ORDOrganization(al) Development
ORDObject-Relational Database
ORDOffice of Rare Diseases (National Institutes of Health)
ORDOperational Requirements Document
ORDOptical Receive Data
ORDObject Relational Database
ORDOrdinary Seaman
ORDOperational Requirement(s) Document
ORDOffice of Rubber Director (US Navy)
ORDOptical Rotatory Dispersion
ORDOperational Readiness Demonstration
ORDOrdnance Data (TMINS)
ORDOffice of Research and Demonstrations
ORDOnline Resource Directory
ORDOperational Ready Date
ORDOperational Readiness Date
ORDOperations Research Department
ORDOverseas Replacement Depot
ORDOrganisation for Rural Development
ORDOwner's Risk of Damage
ORDOptical Rotatory Dispersion Spectroscopy
ORDOver Rated Defense
ORDOften Required Data
ORDOld Orchard Field (now O'Hare International)
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Bradstreet had spread an ordnance map of the county out upon the seat and was busy with his compasses drawing a circle with Eyford for its centre.
He had obtained a large ordnance map of the neighbourhood, and this he brought into my room, where he laid it out on the bed, and, having balanced the lamp in the middle of it, he began to smoke over it, and occasionally to point out objects of interest with the reeking amber of his pipe.
Afghanistan had the highest number of casualties due to land mines and unexploded ordnance in 2000-02.
'We have already despatched about 196,000 maps to schools,' said Elaine Owen, Ordnance Survey's senior education manager.
* Private sector engagement to raise public awareness of and support for humanitarian mine action and destruction of abandoned ordnance.
Bryn Jones, Ordnance Survey's Welsh Media Executive, said: 'This is the first time Ordnance Survey has produced a bilingual guide to its map.
Ideally, experts tasked with the disposal of unexploded ordnance will have gained experience during their military service and, in fact, many employed by commercial firms dealing with its disposal are qualified in this way.
The General Accounting Office said that Navy units are experiencing shortages in inert laser guided training rounds and guided bombs, while the Marines are short on supplies of both advanced training ordnance and common ordnance, such as live bombs.
Dale Peterson, Material Officer, 6th Ordnance Battalion.
Ordnance Survey is proud of its world-class reputation for accuracy.
The Department of Defense takes the position that the United States has complied fully with its obligation to clean up unexploded ordnance under the Panama Canal Treaty.