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Chicago was the industrial center of the country, and nowhere else were the unions so strong; but their organizations did the workers little good, for the employers were organized, also; and so the strikes generally failed, and as fast as the unions were broken up the men were coming over to the Socialists.
Nine-tenths of the Heidelberg students wore no badge or uniform; the other tenth wore caps of various colors, and belonged to social organizations called "corps." There were five corps, each with a color of its own; there were white caps, blue caps, and red, yellow, and green ones.
Indeed it is extremely probable, that in other instances, particularly in the organization of the judicial power, the officers of the States will be clothed with the correspondent authority of the Union.
Schools can do no good; what will do good is an economic organization in which the people will become richer, will have more leisure--and then there will be schools."
Fuller knowledge of the organization which produced such terrible results served to increase rather than to lessen the horror which it inspired in the minds of men.
As to the kind of audience that I like best to talk to, I would put at the top of the list an organization of strong, wide-awake, business men, such, for example, as is found in Boston, New York, Chicago, and Buffalo.
When doing this I sometimes speak before as many as four organizations in a single day.
* It was at the very beginning of the twentieth century A.D., that the international organization of the socialists finally formulated their long-maturing policy on war.
Their heads were bloody, their organization had apparently been destroyed, yet out they came, along with their allies in the metal-working trades.
This spread has led to the mobilization of World Health Organization (WHO) and medical virology forces worldwide to monitor the perceived threat of a potential human pandemic (3).
The challenge does not end there but becomes more critical when the camp's parent organization is questioning the validity and viability of the camp experience within the context of the overall mission and purpose of the agency/organization.
A Type II supporting organization must be organized exclusively for the benefit of, to perform the functions of, or to carry out the purposes of (to support or benefit) one or more supported organizations.
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