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The response to the questionnaire showed that pesticides used in the Dridji area were mainly organochlorine, organophosphorous and pyrethroid insecticides.
In the spline models, odds ratios (ORs) for overweight and obesity were estimated using the lowest level of each organochlorine as the reference (Orsini and Greenland 2011).
12-14] studied a multiresidue method the simultaneous estimation of pesticides belonging to organochlorine and Organophosphorus groups in water using gas liquid chromatograph (GLC) equipped with capillary column and electron capture detector (ECD).
The authors recommend that use of persistent organochlorine chemicals, especially those determined to be potentially carcinogenic in animals and humans, be discontinued.
1950s Organochlorine pesticides (including Dieldrin and Aldrin) introduced into widespread agricultural use.
This publication discusses the generation and environmental impact of organochlorine compounds and the various approaches used to minimize their generation, both at the source and end-of-pipe.
Many of the chemicals, such as organochlorine pesticide DDT, have already been banned, but tests show accumulated amounts of the banned chemicals in people who were born since the bans came into force.
Concentrations of DDT, other organochlorine pesticides, tributyl tin, and PCB's continued to decline throughout the Bight during the 1990's, following major rapid decreases that occurred between 1965 and 1985.
Organochlorine pesticides are the class of products that has created what are probably the most notorious POPs (see chart).
The groups said, ''The Japanese government plans to import lean meats, as their pollution levels are relatively low, but such meats also contain blubber and are potentially dangerous,'' given that organochlorine compounds tend to accumulate easily in blubber.
Much of the residue found in organic crops was of organochlorine pesticides, chemicals - including DDT and chlordane - that plants can soak up from the soil decades after the products were used.
Organochlorine pesticides are the class of products that has produced what are probably the most notorious POPs (see the table on page 32 for some examples).