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ORIOperational Readiness Inspection
ORIOffice of Research Integrity (HHS)
ORIOld Republic International Corporation (stock symbol)
oriOrigin of Replication
ORIOficina de Relaciones Internacionales
ORIOcean Research Institute
ORIOriginating Agency Identifier (nine-digit code used by agencies on the law enforcement network)
ORIOctane Requirement Increase
ORIOnline Retrieval Interface
ORIOpen Ranks Inspection
ORIOrbital Replacement Instrument
ORIOpen on Rise of Inlet (pressure valve)
ORIOperator-Robot Interaction
ORIObesity Research Institute, LLC
ORIOverhaul/Repair Instruction
ORIOregon Research Institute
ORIOriental Research Institute (India)
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Supreme Court already has said sexual orientation cannot be categorically excluded from Title VII protections.
com/are-gay-rights-under-attack-2020-census-ignore-sexual-orientation-gender-identity-2517444) 2020 Census To Ignore Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity Questions
Task orientation involves the purposes of gaining skill or knowledge and performing one's best.
A high ego orientation is associated with strong beliefs that superior skills and deceptive strategies lead to success; in this orientation the purpose of sport is to enhance one's social status.
Originality/value: The results of this study point out the importance of market orientation in private universities.
Polymer orientation can be measured for transparent polymers in the amorphous state by birefringence, and in both the amorphous and semi-crystalline state by infrared spectroscopy.
In other words, the concern of extrinsic religious orientation is only with external matters of the individual and they use religion for their social, cultural, financial and political matters.
New employee orientation is traditionally called induction or organizational socialization.
It was stated in a previous research that a high task orientation, either alone or in combination with a high ego orientation, is more adaptive than a low task orientation with high or low ego orientation (Biddle, 2001).
However, Van Auken and Sexton argue that because numerous SMEs are characterized by their lack of long range perspective, strategic orientation, as well as well-ordered management process, customer orientation may become a crucial factor determining performance (Laforet 2008).
Entrepreneurial orientation, Export performance, Learning orientation, Market orientation.
The TruCore handheld lets you know when to activate it, reducing the risk of missed orientations.