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ORIOperational Readiness Inspection
ORIOffice of Research Integrity (HHS)
ORIOld Republic International Corporation (stock symbol)
oriOrigin of Replication
ORIOficina de Relaciones Internacionales
ORIOcean Research Institute
ORIOriginating Agency Identifier (nine-digit code used by agencies on the law enforcement network)
ORIOctane Requirement Increase
ORIOnline Retrieval Interface
ORIOpen Ranks Inspection
ORIOrbital Replacement Instrument
ORIOpen on Rise of Inlet (pressure valve)
ORIOperator-Robot Interaction
ORIObesity Research Institute, LLC
ORIOverhaul/Repair Instruction
ORIOregon Research Institute
ORIOriental Research Institute (India)
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Sage and Kavussanu investigated the relationship of task orientation, ego orientation, affiliation orientation (feeling successful when developing positive social relationships), status orientation (feeling successful through achieving popularity with others), and recognition orientation (feeling successful through approval from others) with prosocial and antisocial behaviors among adolescent soccer players.
Utilize new technologies in the orientation process
The Orientation Package consists of four online classes, designed for new employees: Positive Discipline, Becoming Part of a Professional Team, Principles of Child Development, and Theories of Child Development.
2D WAXS was performed in transmission to extract orientation distributions across the injection molded sample plaques.
The value of offering orientation courses for mature students entering into new programs is addressed by Collett, Kanuka, Blanchette, and Goodale (1999) and Kanuka (2001).
The orientation number corresponds to the average projected length of the fibres in a plane/cross-section onto the normal of the cross-section, divided by the fibre length.
2006) that the behaviors and actions indicative of a high level of market orientation generally lead to higher levels of performance within university business schools.
This study is an extension of previous research (Hammond, Webster, and Harmon 2006), which provided a comparison of the market orientation components to criteria for performance excellence described in the Baldrige Education Criteria for Performance Excellence (BNQP 2005).
The Pazardzhik prosecutor consistently upholds that heterosexuals should be not allowed to demonstrate their sexual orientation either, but subtly classifies other orientations as "unnatural.
Jennings says the idea was discussed last fall, and that implementing it didn't cost extra because the number of orientation sessions remained the same.
used commercial orientation sensors (XSens; Enschede, the Netherlands) to measure equestrian trunk movement during treadmill locomotion [9].
We examine the links between supply chain orientation and performance using data from 129 firms.