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During the third period, BPA (20 mg/kg) was administered by orogastric intubation.
3 mm) PVC orogastric tube was also inserted, presumably for routine gastric decompression to prevent aspiration.
Orogastric intubation and aspiration resulted in resolution of ventricular distention and yielded fetid, yellow-green, cloudy fluid.
Nasogastric tubes increase the risk of sinusitis, which substantially increases the risk of VAP (Davis, 2006); therefore, insertion of an orogastric (OG) feeding tube will facilitate feeding and/or gastric decompression.
VAP prevention dictates that oral endotracheal tubes and orogastric tubes be used.
In patient (a), an orogastric tube may be preferable (7).
In the trial 178 critically ill patients were treated with ZEGERID 40mg via nasogastric or orogastric tube, and only 4% of the patients experienced clinically significant upper GI bleeding.
Group III (control group of NSO) received 1 -ml saline through an orogastric tube and sham irradiation.
6 TBSA = total burn surface area; BSA = burn surface area; ISS = injury severity score; IV = intravenous; ICU = intensive care unit; IU = international units; Hospital LOS = hospital length of stay; ICU LOS = ICU length of stay; Se = selenium; Zn = zinc; Mn = manganese; Vit C = vitamin C; Cu = copper; OGT/NGT = orogastric tube/nasogastric tube.
Groups III-IX rats were treated with MO leaf extract orally using an orogastric cannula in the doses of 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 350 mg/kg respectively between 1000 and 1100 h for 14 days (9) and behavioural task by RAM training was given to each rat for seven days (10 trials daily) and on each day, the performance in RAM task was noted.
Insertion of a nasogastric or orogastric tube may be necessary to provide nutrition and medications if a patient fails a preliminary swallow screen.
In the PLMA group, a size 14 French gauge orogastric tube was inserted through the drain tube if there was no air leak up the drain tube during positive pressure ventilation.