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Kat Scanlon, a geological sciences graduate student at Brown, led the research and is well-acquainted with the orographic effect.
Our pre-storm images are mostly of inadequate resolution to check for orographic cloud here, but Salway on May 11 (Ls= 236[degrees]) caught the Olympus Mons evening cloud.
Because of the difficult orographic conditions of the slopes and the distances between the monitored spots, each periodical checking of all traps took 2 days.
The climatology of small scale orographic precipitation over the Olympic mountains: Patterns and processes, Quartely Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 134(633): 817-839.
Based on the analysis, it can be hypothesized that the moisture flow from Arabian Sea at lower levels, dry air incursion at middle levels and strong vertical wind shear along with orographic features supporting vertical lift of low level moist flow could be the causation of the heavy rainfall over Mumbai.
Coupled with that, we've had a process called Orographic Enhancement, which means that rainfall in the mountains can be at least 10 times greater than on the coast.
The committee says that the leveling of the border line was regulated with Article 5 which says that during physical demarcation, necessary and balanced corrections of the border can be made for geographical, orographic, cadastre and economic reasons.
There are also many anomalies to this trend that appear dependent upon local and regional conditions such as edaphics, the proximity to maritime and orographic influences, herbivory, fire, disease, and anthropogenic influences (see Cairns & Moen, 2004; Weiser & Tuasz, 2007, for review).
Gonzalez argues that typical church history in the past had what he calls an orographic approach focused on the great peaks of imposing figures, monumental events, and influential ideas.
In this way it has been obtained not only the precision of the delineations (in relation with geomorphological elements) but the real image of each division and of the whole orographic system of the Romanian territory (Lillesand et al.
The evidence suggests that natural high recharge rates are occurring in the present post-glacial period, a function of the favourable orographic effect of the central Australian uplands with respect to incursions of the northern monsoon (English et al.