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The purpose of this article is to provide an analysis of the orographic lexicon of the Kildin Saami language.
The underestimation is caused by the orographic effect and the related enhancement of rainfall in mountainous areas (Garreaud, 2009); these effects are not well recorded by meteorological stations, mainly because they are located in the lower part of the basin.
As noted in the preceding section, annual P interpolated between the two permanent stations was taken as an estimate for the Mealy Mountains region, without further adjustment for orographic effects.
2009) Gravity wave and orographic wave activity observed around the Antarctic and Arctic stratospheric vortices by the COSMIC GPS-RO satellite constellation.
The most humid areas are found between 1950 and 2450 m asl within the Tropical Pluviseasonal bioclimate; this altitudinal range is where the effect of orographic precipitation is intensified, a situation that is borne out by the high values of the ombrothermic indices (Table 1) and by the type of vegetation, characterised by large expanses of rainforest and cloud mountain grassland.
We also used a 75-m digital terrain model to estimate several orographic variables.
Witputs district had some 41mm, the result of orographic influence exemplified
Washington, July 24 ( ANI ): A new study has found that water-carved valleys at four different locations on Mars appear to have been caused by runoff from orographic precipitation-snow or rain that falls when moist prevailing winds are pushed upward by mountain ridges.
Through the process known as orographic precipitation, when moist air rises up a mountain and cools to the point of condensation which leads to rain or snow, could explain the creation of valley networks which would appear on one side of a Martian mountain but not on the other side.
Smith, "A linear upslope-time- delay model for orographic precipitation", Journal of Hydrology, vol.
are due to orographic lifting--ascending airflow caused by the Rocky
This process is referred to as orographic enhancement, and can bring vast amounts of rain to upland areas.