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OPOriginal Poster
OPOperator (IRC)
OPOpus (Latin: A Work; used in referring to music)
OPOriginal Poster (internet newsgroups and message boards)
OPOther People
OPOne Piece (Anime)
OPOcean Pacific
OPOut of Print
OPOffice of the President
OPOpportunity (Ads)
OPOutput (Hyper Logo command)
OPOffice Professional
OPOak Park (Illinois)
OPOpposite (volleyball position)
OPOutput Power
OPOrganized Play (gaming)
OPOutpost (gaming)
OPOperating Profit
OPOrder of Preachers (Roman Catholicism; Dominican)
OPOverland Park (Kansas)
OPOld Patient
OPOral Presentation
OPOff-Peak (time)
OPOperating Procedure(s)
OPOverpowered (gaming)
OPOpening Post (internet message boards)
OPOrder Processing
OPOutreach Program
OPOne Power (Wheel of Time series)
OPOlympic Peninsula (Washington)
OPOffice of Policy (Social Security)
OPOptimus Prime (Leader of the Autobots, icon of the 80s)
OPOperating Pressure
OPOperator Panel
OPOil Pulling
OPOpposing Party (legal notation and billing)
OPObservation Point
OPOrganophosphate (insecticide)
OPOffice Productivity (course)
OPOptical Power
OPOrder of Precedence
OPObservation Post
OPOsuuspankki (Finnish banking cooperative)
OPOperationssaal (German: Operating Room)
OPOriginal Production
OPOpen Pollinated (botany)
OPOrganophosphorus (pesticide)
OPOld Persian (linguistics)
OPOropharynx (anatomy)
OPOsmotic Pressure
OPOperation Phoenix (San Bernadino, CA after school program)
OPOperating Plan
OPOxidative Phosphorylation
OPOpportunities Page (CECOM)
OPOffensive Power (online gaming)
OPOperations Order
OPOrdinis Praedicatorum (Latin: Order of Preachers)
OPOrdo Praedicatorum (Latin: Order of Preachers; formal name of Dominicans, a Catholic religious institution)
OPOrthographic Projection
OPOver Powered (gaming)
OPOperations Procedures
OPOxygen Pressure
OPOutpatient Pharmacy
OPOperational Program
OPOther Procurement
OPOriginal Pack (pharmacology)
OPOrder Point
OPOperation Officer (Navy)
OPOcciput Posterior (fetal position)
OPOil Purifier
OPOperational Picture
OPOsteitis Pubis
OPOrder of the Pelican (Society for Creative Anachronism)
OPOperation Point
OPOpponens Pollicis
OPOuvrier Professionnel (French: Professional Worker)
OPOptional Procedure
OPOral Production (test)
OPOccupation Permit (Hong Kong)
OPOperations Panel
OPOlden Polynice (basketball player)
OPOriginating Party
OPOligodendrocyte Progenitor
OPOver-Proof (of alcohol)
OPOperation Register
OPOpacity Project
OPOral Participation
OPOptimal Partitioning (sectorization method)
OPOrbit Prediction
OPOperator Personal
OPOrbiter Payload
OPOrienteering Problem
OPOrdnance Pamphlet
OPOhjelmointiputka (Finnish programming site)
OPOutpicked (gaming)
OPOrdnance Publication
OPOperational Phase/Project
OPOvernight Per Diem
OPDominican Sisters of Divine Providence (religious order)
OPOpponents Pollicis
OPOverlap Pulsing
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The authors used mouth swabs to gather DNA from 454 individuals, comprising 227 pairs of oropharynx cancer patients and their partners.
Differential diagnoses include other granulomatous infectious diseases, and cancers of the oropharynx and larynx.
When those products are used with a spacer to filter out the larger particles, drug deposition in the oropharynx declines, the physician said.
On exam, plaques were noted in the larynx, trachea, and soft tissue of the caudal oropharynx.
During the past decade, several studies have demonstrated a causal role of HPV infection with some squamous cell carcinomas of the oropharynx.
Stool DNA tests detected mutations from the tumors of 68% of patients who had known Gl cancers, located from the oropharynx to the colon, reports Digestive Disease Week.
The majority of head and neck cancers are located in the oral cavity and oropharynx, with squamous cell carcinoma being the most common cell type.
The major site of deposition of inhaled zanamivir is the oropharynx (77.
With about 1400 illustration demonstrating head and neck anatomy and surgical procedures, the atlas contains 24 chapters covering, in addition to the preceding, sectional radiographic anatomy and scanning, emergency procedures, the sinuses and maxilla, the nose and nasopharynx, the face, general purpose flaps, the lips, cleft lip and palate, the periorbital region, the ear, fractures of facial bones, cysts and tumors involving the mandible, oral cavity and oropharynx, the neck, the parotid salivary grand and management of malignant salivary gland neoplasia, endocrine surgery, the trachea and mediastinum, the larynx, the hypopharynx and the esophagus, and vascular procedures.
Sleep apnea occurs when tissues in the oropharynx block the airway during sleep.
The most common mucosal membranes involved in TEN are, in order of decreasing frequency, the oropharynx, eyes, genitalia, and anus.
In allergy-prone individuals, the pollen of trees, grasses, and flowering plants can create an inflammatory cascade that results in a number of unpleasant symptoms: wheezing, sneezing, coughing, headache, nasal congestion, impaired sense of smell, itching of the nose or oropharynx, and allergic conjunctivitis.