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ODDoctor of Optometry
ODOver Dose
ODOculus Dexter (Latin: Right Eye)
ODOlive Drab
ODOutside Diameter
ODOver Drive
ODOxígeno Disuelto (Spanish: Dissolved Oxygen)
ODOrdinary Seaman (Canadian Navy)
ODObject Domain
ODover damage (gaming)
ODOrde Dienst (Dutch: Order of Service)
ODOpen Dealer (various companies)
ODOperational Downlink
ODOffsite Dose
ODOutside Dose (radiation exposure)
ODOrderly Duty
ODOmni Dei (once a day)
ODOscuro Destiny (website)
ODOvershoot Detector
ODOrdnance Documentation
ODOrganic Data
ODOrganization Development
ODOrganizational Design
ODOutput Data
ODOf Distinction
ODOfficer of the Day
ODOfficial Declaration
ODOil Distribution
ODOn Demand
ODOperating Division
ODOperations Directive
ODOptical Density
ODOptical Disk
ODOpus Dei (Latin: Work of God)
ODOrdnance Data
ODOpen Diary (website)
ODOccupational Disease
ODOvercurrent Detection
ODOverdraft (banking)
ODOrder Date
ODOffice of the Director (NIH)
ODOrganizational Diagnosis
ODOpen Detonation (outdoor munitions disposal regulation)
ODOrigin - Destination
ODOriginal Dissent (conservative website)
ODOffice of the Dean
ODOccupation Double (French TV show)
ODOxygen Depleted
ODOperations Division
ODObservable Difference
ODoutside dimension
ODOffice Depot
ODOverdosed (gaming clan)
ODOpportunistic Disease
ODOutside Discussions
ODOsteochondritis Dissecans
ODOh Dear
ODOrthogonal Design
ODOrbit Determination
ODOffice of Disability (Social Security)
ODOnce Daily (medical)
ODOut of Desperation
ODOfficer Down
ODOverseas Department
ODOperational Day (scientific experimentation and data recording)
ODOffense Defense (sports)
ODOpen Doors
ODOpen Drain (electronics)
ODOperations Director
ODOrganizational Development
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Kinesiotape, head-neck neutral Author(s) Outcome Measures Results Lee et Measured Orthodromic No statistically al.
Out of which pathways were 131 (124 patients were having Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) and orthodromic reciprocating tachycardia7), atrial tachycardia (AT) 5 and 133 were atrio-ventricular reentry tachycardia (AVNRT).
Motor responses were orthodromic, whereas sensory responses were antidromic.
Electrophysiologic basis for the suppression by amiodarone of orthodromic supraventricular tachycardias complicating pre-excitation syndromes.
Ring and surface stimulating electrodes were used for orthodromic and antidromic (sural nerve) stimulation respectively.
sup][30] High frequency stimulation of the upstream (EC) and downstream (FX) structures of the hippocampus both shown to affect the spatial memory associated with the hippocampus in our study, indicating that DBS may have an impact on the neural network, which is associated with the stimulated structure in both the orthodromic and antidromic directions.
For orthodromic sensory conduction of median nerve, surface recording electrode was placed 3cm proximal to the distal wrist crease and a reference electrode at 3cm proximal to recording electrode.
Orthodromic sensory nerve conduction studies of both the median and ulnar nerves and antidromic sensory nerve conduction studies in both sural nerves were also normal.