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OSPREyOptical Sensors for Planetary Radiant Energy (Biospherical Instruments Inc.)
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And Joanna Dailey, Kielder Osprey expert volunteer, added: "It's really exciting for the whole volunteer team whenever the ospreys return, and even more so when it's so unexpectedly early.
While in flight, the osprey turns the fish headfirst.
From the time the eggs are laid until the young fledge, the male osprey will spend much of his time hunting for himself, his mate and, eventually, their offspring.
The transplanted osprey chicks are placed in a large, enclosed "hacking box" where they are provided fresh fish, water, and plenty of room to exercise their wings.
Osprey accession pilots accomplish more than 50 percent of their training in a ground-based environment.
Jim Amos, Commanding General 3d Marine Air Wing, flew the Osprey in both helicopter and airplane modes.
At Edwards Air Force Base, officials are gearing up to resume testing this summer of two Air Force versions of the Osprey.
Osprey is currently renovating some of its recently acquired properties, including the Live Oak Corporate Center, formerly occupied by FCCI, which is being converted to a Class "A" multi-tenant facility, and Independence Business Park, which is undergoing a metamorphosis from a 200,000-square-foot single-use industrial/warehouse facility to a multi-use, flex/office, light industrial and warehouse/distribution center.
With propellered wings that can tilt in mid flight to become helicopter-like, the Osprey can land almost anywhere, and it has a bigger payload and longer range than any helicopter.
The 28,000-acre lake's undeveloped shores are lined with majestic, moss-draped bald cypress trees, and one after another holds an osprey nest--sometimes two.
I shook my fist at the arrogant eagle, and watched with sympathy as the osprey flew down the lake.
New product development at Osprey is always a result of listening to our customers' needs.