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OSPREyOptical Sensors for Planetary Radiant Energy (Biospherical Instruments Inc.)
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Osprey Maple water is a beverage that fulfills our mission to make products that are good for health and good for the planet," states James Gott, Osprey Organics President.
We ascertained the migration routes of one hack-released Osprey over a 4-year period (51 months; 2002-2006), including its first 2 years of breeding, with satellite telemetry and monitored two additional Ospreys for [less than or equal to] 1 month until their PTTs stopped transmitting.
The transplanted osprey chicks are placed in a large, enclosed "hacking box" where they are provided fresh fish, water, and plenty of room to exercise their wings.
Osprey accession pilots accomplish more than 50 percent of their training in a ground-based environment.
Jim Amos, Commanding General 3d Marine Air Wing, flew the Osprey in both helicopter and airplane modes.
Edwards Air Force Base's two Ospreys were modified to fit recommendations from a series of reviews that followed the crash, mainly involving greater clearance around electrical and hydraulic lines to prevent rubbing, and improved access inside the engine covers.
Osprey is currently renovating some of its recently acquired properties, including the Live Oak Corporate Center, formerly occupied by FCCI, which is being converted to a Class "A" multi-tenant facility, and Independence Business Park, which is undergoing a metamorphosis from a 200,000-square-foot single-use industrial/warehouse facility to a multi-use, flex/office, light industrial and warehouse/distribution center.
With propellered wings that can tilt in mid flight to become helicopter-like, the Osprey can land almost anywhere, and it has a bigger payload and longer range than any helicopter.
I shook my fist at the arrogant eagle, and watched with sympathy as the osprey flew down the lake.
Osprey is very fortunate to have the opportunity to serve the growing and vital nonwovens industry.
At the heart of Osprey COI RiskManager, is a web-based workflow framework that provides interactive forms and questionnaires that can be fitted to an organization's own COI process simply by snapping questions into custom workflow templates.
Since 2011, visitors to the Park have delighted in following the story of the two breeding osprey pairs, while the third pair of parents, which had been seen in previous years, only laid eggs this year.