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OOOwner Operator (trucking industry; also seen as O/O)
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OOOsteoid Osteoma
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OOOnderling Onafhankelijk (Dutch)
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Radiofrequency ablation of osteoid osteoma in atypical locations: a case series.
Osteoblastomas are rare, benign bone tumors that were first categorized as distinct from osteoid osteomas in 1956, simultaneously by both Jaffe (1) and Lichtenstein.
Osteoid osteoma is a benign bone tumor that occurs in the first three decades of life in more than 80% of the cases.
In this case report, a rather rare case of osteoid osteoma is reported which presented as a unilateral left sided painful groin.
Benign osteoblastoma; a category of osteoid-and bone-forming tumors other than classical osteoid osteoma, which may be mistaken for giant-cell tumor or osteogenic sarcoma.
Evidence of the subperiosteal origin of osteoid osteomas in tubular bones: Analysis by CT and MR imaging.
Involvement of the sacrum is extremely rare, and it has also been reported that the diagnosis of osteoid osteoma in the sacrum can be delayed compared with other skeletal sites.
Reactive sclerosis is variable, and some tumors might show features of a central sclerotic nidus similar to a osteoid osteoma.
Capanna R, Ayala A, BertoniF, et al, Sacral osteoid osteoma and osteoblastoma: a report of 13 cases.
A minimally invasive procedure, the technique has been used for years to treat cardiac abnormalities, trigeminal neuralgia and osteoid osteoma.