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OeOersted (CGS measurement unit of magnetic energy)
OeOriginal Equipment
OeOutboard Engine (boating)
OeOtitis Externa
OeOld English
OeOuter Envelope
OeOffice Equipment (Hekimian)
OeOpen End
OeOwner's Equity (accounting)
OeOutlook Express (Microsoft)
OeOhio Edison
OeOutput Enable
OeOn Examination (clinical notes)
OeOffice of Enforcement
OeOperational Excellence
Oeoral epithelium
OeOrganizational Effectiveness
OeOld Etonian (Eton College)
OeOrder Entry (CRM module)
OeOperating Environment
OeOpen Embedded (computing)
OeOpen Enrollment
OeOutcome Expectancy
OeOwner's Engineer
OeOperational Effectiveness
OeOperating Expense
OeOperating Experience
OeOrdnance and Explosives
OeObjective Evidence
OeOil Equivalent
OeOperator Error
OeOffline Explorer
OeOptical to Electrical
OeOperating Engineer
OeOperaciones Especiales (Spanish: Special Operations)
OeOverseas Experience (travel)
OeOptions Exchange
OeOrganizational Element
OeOption Expiration
OeOrganizational Economics
OeOperational Evaluation
OeOld Edwardian (King Edward's School Birmingham)
OeOxytocin and Ergometrine
OeOperational Error
OeOperational Energy (US Army)
OeOperating Envelope (OMS term)
OeOpposing Elements
OeOver Etch (semiconductor gate etching)
OeOrbital Express (DARPA satellite servicing demonstration)
OeOpen Entries
OeOperational Element
OeOld Ellesmerian (club; UK)
OeOptical Extension
OeOver-equipped (gaming)
OeOpportunity Enterprises, Inc (Valparaiso, IN)
OeOver Exaggeration
OeOfficer of Elections (voting)
OeObservatório Eleitoral (Portuguese: Electoral Observatory; Mozambique)
OeOrthochromatic Erythroblast
OeOregon Electric Railway Company
OeOccupational Entrance (high-school job preparation program)
OeOptical Engineer/Ing
OeOverlay Explorer
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4 cases had associated ET dysfunction while 3 cases had URTI and 1 case had otitis externa.
Frequency of patients with otitis externa and media with respect to age distribution in seven categories
Acute otitis externa was presented with clinical signs of head shaking, odour from ear, pain on manipulation of ear and exudates from ear etc.
Comparison of microbial isolates and susceptibility patterns from external ear canal of dogs with otitis externa.
Previously Reported Studies: The cul-de-sac characteristics of the external auditory canal encourages the growth of wide range of bacteria and fungi by virtue of its ability to trap moisture thereby predisposing the canal to the development of otitis externa.
Table-1: Complications Complications Group D (N = 72 ears) Group P (N =72 ears) Increase ear block 1 ear 1 ear Otitis externa 6 ears 1 ear Otomycosis 2 ears Nil Table-2: Ease of removal Ease of Removal Group D (N Group P (N = 72 ears) = 72 ears) Only suction 45 ears 28 ears Suction + instrumentation 27 ears 44 ears Table-3: Attempts at complete removal Attempts Group D (N = 72 ears) Group P (N =72 ears) One 66 61 Two 6 10 Three Nil 01 Figure-2: Sex distribution of patients in Group P and Group D Group P Group D Female 29 33 Male 43 39 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Avoid using cotton buds to reduce the risk of otitis externa recurring If you swim, keep your ears dry using ear plugs or a tight fitting cap.
Proteus mirabilis (36%; 18/50) was the most common isolate in otitis media while Pseudomonas aeruginosa (33%; 7/21) occurred most commonly in otitis externa (Table 1).
Framycetin sulphate/ gramicidin/ dexamethasone drops were prescribed for a diagnosis of ongoing Otitis Externa and analgesia was prescribed for the headache.
Palabras clave: perro, Malassezia, otitis externa, canal auricular, analisis citologico.
La etiologia mas frecuente de otitis externa es infecciosa, pudiendo diseminarse por via linfatica, hematogena o por continuidad; si existiera perforacion de la membrana timpanica, la infeccion puede extenderse del CAE al oido medio o viceversa.
The condition, also known as acute otitis externa (AOE), is easy to prevent, however - a fact the CDC is highlighting in advance of the nation's swimming pools opening around Memorial Day weekend.