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OTSOfficer Training School
OTSOffice of Thrift Supervision (US Department of the Treasury)
OTSOffice of Technology Services
OTSOffice of Traffic Safety
OTSOn the Side (band)
OTSOrganization for Tropical Studies (Costa Rica)
OTSOn the Spot
OTSOut of Service (complete system/equipment failure)
OTSOn the Scene
OTSOver The Shoulder
OTSOpportunity To See
OTSObject Transaction Service (CORBA)
OTSOne Time Settlement (legal)
OTSOpen Two Seater (Jaguar)
OTSOptical Transport System (Ciena)
OTSOperator Training Simulator
OTSOccupational Therapy Student
OTSOrdre du Temple Solaire (French: Order of the Solar Temple)
OTSOffice of Toxic Substances
OTSOfficers Training School (Mangla, Pakistan)
OTSOffice of Transport Security (Australia)
OTSOff the Subject
OTSOrbital Test Satellite
OTSOperator Training System
OTSOrder Tracking System
OTSOffer to Settle (law)
OTSOxford Transport Strategy
OTSOpening Theme Song
OTSOil Temperature Sensor (automotive engines)
OTSOffice of Trial Staff
OTSOpen Theme Standard
OTSOahu Transit Services, Inc.
OTSOpen Tech Support
OTSOver The Sofa (artwork)
OTSOshkosh Transit System
OTSOwensboro Transit System (Kentucky, USA)
OTSOver Target Schedule
OTSObject Telephony Server
OTSOff Tool Sample
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OTSOffice Telesystem
OTSOccurrence Tracking System
OTSone-time source (US DoD)
OTSOnline Transaction System
OTSOptical Telemetry System
OTSOcean Thermal Structure
OTSOpen Transport Service
OTSOperational Test Site
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OTSOrbital Tracking Station
OTSOpen to Sky (architecture)
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OTSOperations Testing and Simulations
OTSOfficers' Tactical School
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OTSOptions Trading System
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In 10 patients with clinical otosclerosis and 106 controls, DNA was extracted from whole blood.
Less frequently, otosclerosis may cause a sensorineural hearing loss (damaged sensory cells and/or nerve fibers of the inner ear), as well as a conductive hearing loss.
Otosclerosis usually causes a conductive hearing loss, a hearing loss caused by a problem in the outer or middle ear.
The symptoms of otosclerosis develop gradually and may include: ?
Otosclerosis is a diagnosis made by exclusion--exclusion of infection and of middle ear fluid, with a normal otologic examination but a gradually progressive conductive hearing loss.
Otosclerosis is the most common cause of conductive hearing loss in the presence of an intact tympanic membrane among patients aged 15 to 50 years.
Dina also has another affliction to cope with - otosclerosis, a hereditary illness which is making her progressively deaf.
But last night, she confirmed she's suffering from Otosclerosis, a condition that affects hearing.
From this group, we excluded all patients with a known cause of their hearing impairment, such as middle ear effusion, chronic suppurative otitis media, tympanic membrane perforation, and otosclerosis.
Founded in 1992 by Sanjay Prasad, MD, FACS, a Neurotologist, Otologist, and cranial base surgeon, the Metropolitan NeuroEar Group specializes in treatment of ear conditions including Cholesteatoma, otosclerosis, acoustic neuroma, Meniere's disease, facial paralysis, hearing loss, and all other hearing maladies.
Small-fenestra stapedotomy is used to treat conductive hearing loss secondary to otosclerosis.
The surgical procedure to repair hearing loss due to otosclerosis is stapes surgery and lasers are used to precisely cut and manipulate the miniscule bones of the ear to restore hearing.