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If playing man, do you switch all off-the-ball screens when playing man-to-man on out-of-bounds plays?
On the fourth hole, a par-five, he hooks his second shot toward the out-of-bounds markers.
IN MODERN Canadian society, religion is largely out-of-bounds at work, something you leave at home, like your love life.
The Sky News reporter easily entered British Airways offices and other out-of-bounds areas at the London airport which housed confidential security documents.
Large sections of Leisure Pursuits' sensational course was out-of-bounds for the Jeep.
Out-of-bounds posts running tightly along the left-hand side add to your worries, especially in a stiff wind.
The tags transmit a signal at regular intervals to receivers mounted outside the field, which in turn transmit the captured data to a computer that determines the exact position of the ball and each player, information about goals, out-of-bounds, and offsides is passed to the referees, who wear a receiver and a display on their wrist.
The unit compares the measured value at the CP test point against preset alarm levels and can deliver alarms upon detection of out-of-bounds conditions.
It monitors all TCP/IP traffic--Internet, intranet, email, attachments, chat, IM, P2P and more--for out-of-bounds activity plus it has adaptive URL blocking.
This was followed by an out-of-bounds that went to Sharp, giving them possession and a chance to tie at 31-30.
And, according to catalogue essayist Wayne Koestenbaum, "The good may be approached only through the sacrilegious vocabulary of the out-of-bounds.
Out-of-bounds is down the entire right side of the hole, and anything over the green will run down a steep slope that makes for a very difficult recovery shot.