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OUTAOsmania University Teachers Association (India)
OUTAOhio University Therapy Associates
OUTAOntario Urban Transit Association (Ontario, Canada)
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But there is, I believe, in many men, especially single men, such an inclination such a passion for dining outa dinner engagement is so high in the class of their pleasures, their employments, their dignities, almost their duties, that any thing gives way to itand this must be the case with Mr.
Say, mister,' says the player, 'you-all'd better get outa here.
We'll wait till the next smash, then lower away, throw everything in, an' get outa this," the steward told the Ancient Mariner.
Captain Raffy says you've got to get to hell outa here," was the mate's greeting.
You'd better slide outa this here," Barchi said threateningly, "or we'll fill you so full of holes you wouldn't float in molasses.
Git outa deh way," she persistently bawled, waving feet with their dishevelled shoes near the heads of her children.
I come to make a raise outa old Setliffe, and not to be robbing women-folks.
I'm going to get three hundred thousand outa the ground, too.
Be a bad dog, and I'll whale the stuffin' outa you.