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If you're considering deploying outbound channels for your contact center, here are a few tips for building your strategy.
In percentage terms, India is the fastest growing outbound market in the world; in terms of numbers it's second fastest after China.
The outbound IVR market is at an early stage but there is strong uptake and it will remain a high growth market for the next few years.
The Barracuda Spam Firewall Outbound Mode product line will continue to feature more advanced outbound e-mail filtering capabilities such as outbound e-mail quarantine, e-mail compliance filtering for corporate policies and government regulations, outbound keyword and regular expression scanning, and outbound whitelisting.
Dan Morrish, IT manager, says the dialer for outbound calls is a specialized software package whereby the system does the dialing and a live contact is transferred to an agent.
351 transaction or both), the transfer would be an outbound transfer of A stock.
The first exception is discretionary: at the taxpayer's election, certain of the new rules relating to outbound stock transfers could be applied to transfers occurring after December 16, 1987.
Table 4 3: Worldwide - Indian Outbound Tourist Spending Share (Percent), 2008 - 2011
The report indicates that UnionPay has become the preferred payment service provider of Chinese outbound travelers, offering its services through a network of 26 million merchants and 1.
The Deloitte report also finds that the composition of these deals has remained broadly similar to previous years, with data showing that the focus of outbound deals flow remained within the Energy and Resources and Consumer Business industries in the Middle East and globally.
a leading billing company for emergency physicians, chose Avaya Outbound Contact Express to improve efficiency, streamline operations and focus resources on the tasks for which they are best equipped.
Thailand is the leader as it accounts for nearly 7% of Indian outbound tourists in 2011.