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OBLOsama Bin Laden (international terrorism sponsor)
OBLOnline Burma/Myanmar Library
OBLOblast (Russian, province; used in postal addresses)
OBLObject Listing
OBLOpen Business License
OBLOutbound Link
OBLOil Basins Limited (Australia)
OBLOcean Bill of Lading
OBLOriginal Bill Lawrence (guitars)
OBLOhio Bankers League (combined Ohio Bankers Association and Ohio League of Financial Institutions)
OBLOld Blinking Light (Taos, NM restaurant)
OBLOutbound Link (Internet browsing)
OBLOffice of Business Liaison
OBLOpaque Bubble Layer (Laser-Assisted Stromal In-Situ Keratomileusis complication)
OBLOpen Border Lobby
OBLOrthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratory (Michigan State University)
OBLOpérateur Boucle Locale (French: Local Loop Operator)
OBLOcala Business Leaders
OBLOficial Blog LaLiamos (Spanish: LaLiamos Official Blog; web design company blog)
OBLOptimum Biometric Labs (Karlskrona, Sweden)
OBLOperation Babylift (Vietnam)
OBLOne Big Love (band)
OBLOperating Budget Ledger
OBLOutput Buffer Logic (Cisco)
OBLOutside Battery Limits (scope of contract)
OBLOut Bound Learning
OBLOn Board Leader (Delta Airlines Flight Attendant in Charge)
OBLOptical Break Lock (missiles, object being observed or tracked leaves the field-of-view of the tracking system)
OBLOregon BRDF Library
OBLOrthodoxy Beyond Limits
OBLOwn Brand Labeler
OBLOrange Ball League
OBLOntario Boating League (Penetanguishene, ON, Canada)
OBLOrigin Bill of Lading
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Within the PageRank algorithm, the PageRank of a page T is always weighted by the number of outbound links C(T) on page T.
Updates also include the Outgoing links feature that helps analyze outbound links from sites.
According to the Guardian, Apple's new rules include privacy policy along with parental permission for an in-app purchase and outbound links.
Outbound links are number of articles the main article cites.
ScienceDirect's database contains full-text articles and book chapters, with 20 articles downloaded per second and more than 100 million outbound links to cited or related articles.
San Francisco, an online tool for publishers of all sizes to make monetization of their outbound links effortless, transparent and honest.
Link analysis is used to map relationships between blogs and other sites by studying the outbound links coming from the sites designated by a study.
Weekly link checking of inbound, internal and outbound links.
Created in partnership with Telepictures--the only significantly successful partnership with any Time Warner sibling--the celebrity gossip blog is constantly updated and full of headlines that grab Google searchers, hundreds of outbound links, thousands of user comments.
In addition to using CrossRef to create outbound links from their references, CrossRef member publishers can now retrieve links to other articles that cite their content.