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Asked about its outline, he said he was no art critic--with a somewhat too obvious sneer at Seymour.
And of the virtues too we must behold not the outline merely, as at present--nothing short of the most finished picture should satisfy us.
As with others in the Emanuel Law Outlines series, this work contains a detailed course outline as well as capsule summaries of key concepts covered in the full outline.
The ability to create tree-structured outlines will be essential for students and writers to create plans of their articles and papers.
Emanuel (founder & editor-in-chief, Emanuel Law Outlines and Emanuel Bar Review) also includes a capsule summary outline of about 95 pages, a casebook correlation chart showing where each section of the outline corresponds to the same topic in the most widely-used casebooks, exam tips, short-answer "quiz yourself" questions, and a variety of visual aids to further elucidate the connections between legal principles.
Few board certification examinations require physicians to understand concepts related to genetic testing and counseling or how to take or interpret family history, according to an analysis of the content outlines of such exams for 43 medical specialties.
In an analysis of the exam outlines for 24 specialties certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties and 19 subspecialties certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM).
This update to the original Academic Senate paper "Components of a Model Course Outline of Record" also incorporates material from the previously published Academic Senate papers "Stylistic Considerations in Writing Course Outlines of Record" and "Good Practices for Course Approvals".
In this article, I'll discuss the strengths and limitations of the OPML format, explain how it can help you create and share dynamic outlines, and walk you through the creation of your first OPML file.
Students in an introductory psychology course evaluated 3 types of outlines (traditional, graphical, alphabetical) and then provided summary information about their use of outlines and rank ordered their preferred type of outlines.
Character sketches, plots, scenes: all can be condensed into a draft outline which works, and Wiesner's chapters set the foundation for producing outlines for all aspects of plots, subplots and more.
The Strategic Planning Group will produce a brief document that outlines the goals and objectives that are thought to warrant the greatest scientific and programmatic attention over the next several years.