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OC6Outrigger Canoe (six person)
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A single outrigger canoe of 6-9 m in length in southeast CYP from Princess Charlotte Bay to south of Cairns.
With his new career offering a stable schedule, Van Gieson was finally able to focus his efforts on racing outrigger canoes. Less than four years after joining the Air Force, he achieved a feat never accomplished by a Hawaiian in the history of the competitive paddling--becoming V-1 International Va'a Federation World Champion.
In the 2011-12 season there were 2,731 registered competitive Waka Ama (Outrigger canoe) paddlers in New Zealand (WakaamaNewZealand 2012a).
The Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge, the 16th annual outrigger canoe race hosted by New York Outrigger, will take place on June 23 in New York City.
My final day on the islands saw me in an outrigger canoe - very Hawaii Five-O - paddling through the surf to the spot where Matt offers his wife's ashes, complete with the traditional Hawaiian flower garland, or lei, to the undulating waves.
Participants will learn how black pearls and vanilla are cultivated, how volcanic islands become coral atolls, and how to paddle an outrigger canoe. Parents are encouraged to join children on eco-excursions and other activities.
The company is offering apprentice-trips programme including one-hour private session on how to purchase local art with art veteran at The Fairmont Dallas; a hands-on and supervised interaction with a falcon at the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr in Abu Dhabi; an introduction to art of clay sculpting at Fairmont Monte Carlo; and one-hour outrigger canoe fishing adventure at The Fairmont Orchid, Hawaii.
These Hawaiian and Tahitian styles are the traditionally adopted stroke rates for outrigger canoe racing.
The new SPNF tohu or logo, developed by NZNO, includes images of o waka or outrigger canoe, waves and the Southern Cross.
Margo has spent most of the summer away from her husband Carl, 5-year-old daughter Julia and 8-year-old son Billy paddling a fast light outrigger canoe down the Pacific Coast from Seattle to San Diego.
It was just far enough away by outrigger canoe we could pretend we were marooned there after a shipwreck.
Clubhouses such as the pacific Club and Outrigger Canoe Club also owe their ambience to Ossipoff's particular style of modernism.