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O/ROn Request
O/ROutright (foreign exchange transactions)
O/ROperational Requirement
O/ROptical Reader (band)
O/ROffice Routing
O/ROfloxacin Plus Rifampin
References in classic literature ?
Phileas Fogg, without getting in the least flurried, then proposed to purchase the animal outright, and at first offered a thousand pounds for him.
Polyphemus is son to Neptune by the nymph Thoosa, daughter to the sea-king Phorcys; therefore though he will not kill Ulysses outright, he torments him by preventing him from getting home.
No mysteries, no cloak to hide one's self in, no cunning policy here; people laugh outright, they weep for joy here.
One always finds a use for these mischievous creatures, sooner or later; so I did not wish to kill him outright.
He beat her without cause and without mercy; and threatened to kill her outright if she even looked at me.
You've done pretty well this evening, but next interview you shall challenge me outright.
His departure excited but little surprise, for the villagers were used to his manner; but Major Hartmann laughed outright, for the first during his visit, as he lifted the mug, and observed:
Rushworth's declaring outright that he would go and fetch the key.
So now she showed me more attention when talking to me; while, for his part, the Frenchman approached me, and asked outright if it had been my own money that I had lost.
These would pull him by the sleeve, take him on one side, and murmur in his ear, or would suggest difficulties outright.
And maybe it wasn't mesilf that jist died then outright wid the laffin', to behold the little chap when he found out that it wasn't the widdy at all at all that he had had hould of all the time, but only Sir Pathrick O'Grandison.
But I fear I do not " The sudden vision of his passion for herself as a factor in this result so distressed her that, beginning with one slow tear, and then following with another, she wept outright.