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O/SOperating System
O/SOne Size
O/Son sale
O/SOutstanding (unpaid insurance claim)
O/SOut of State
O/SOver Stock
O/SOversize (Canada Post)
O/SOn Scene
O/SOutstanding Shares (stock market)
O/SOcean Surveillance
O/SOutlaw Shark
O/SOrganisation/Schmelt (Germany/Poland)
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You can't possibly move without making a noise, and I fancy THEY are outside.
A huge cherry-tree grew outside, so close that its boughs tapped against the house, and it was so thick-set with blossoms that hardly a leaf was to be seen.
At first, at such times, most of us dashed inside; but some remained outside to hammer him with stones, and soon all of us remained outside and kept up the fusillade.
Ginger told me afterward that whinny was the best thing I could have done for her, for had she not heard me outside she would never have had courage to come out.
Then there was a heavy shock, as of something falling outside.
Now she was on the other side of the orchard and standing in the path outside a wall--much lower down--and there was the same tree inside.
I made ready to fly, when suddenly I heard the voices of women talking outside the door of the hut.
As soon as the day broke the voice from the stove called out, 'It seems to be daylight outside.
He sat in the spring sunshine outside the burrow, in a muffler; smoking a pipe of rabbit tobacco.
Mimi, towards whom the draught from the open door wafted the smoke, rose up choking, and ran to the inner door, which she threw open to its fullest extent, disclosing on the outside a curtain of thin silk, fixed to the doorposts.
He hangs about outside the shop until he has succeeded in attracting the attention of all the loafers in the neighborhood and has aroused strong suspicions in the mind of the policeman on the beat.
The Airedale was with him, while outside stood several men armed with iron bars and long steel forks.