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OVHOhjevähittäishinta (Finnish: suggested retail price)
OVHOpnieuw Verbeterde Holle (Dutch: Improved Hollow Again; tiles)
OVHOnline Virtual Hosting
OVHOregon Veterans' Home
OVHOttawa Veterinary Hospital (Canada)
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According to the clients' wishes, ovariohysterectomy was performed on both cats.
A spaying dilemma--Laparoscopic ovariectomy as an alternative to a traditional ovariohysterectomy.
In addition, to dispute the concept that pyometra is a reproductive disease in female canines that requires surgical treatment (3,5,26), due to the pathogenicity of its etiologic agent and its death rate (2,3,21), it is known that procedures like the ovariohysterectomy, which eliminates possible recurrence (11), leave breeding females without the possibility of progeny.
Serum concentration of osteocalcin was measured on days 30 and 60 after ovariohysterectomy and showed elevation in concentration in week 4, reaching its maximum concentration in week 8 after surgery.
The postoperative analgesic effects of epidurally administered morphine and transdermal fentanyl patch after ovariohysterectomy in dogs.
Key words: dog, ovariohysterectomy, tramadol, lidocaine, xilacine, ketamine.
As I was taught in veterinary school, the medical jargon for spaying is ovariohysterectomy (OVH).
She was anesthetized for examinations, ultrasounds, and various treatments on numerous occasions, culminating several months after the initial presentation in an ovariohysterectomy performed by zoo veterinarians in collaboration with human obstetrical surgeons.
Ovariohysterectomy (o-vahr-e-o-hihs-ter-ehck-to-me) The surgical removal of the ovaries, oviducts, and uterus in females.
An ovariohysterectomy may be required, but as with any surgical procedure for the guinea pig, the potential anesthesia complications need to be considered.
Acquired vesicovaginal fistula secondary to ovariohysterectomy in a bitch: a case report.