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OTHOver-The-Horizon (usually radar)
OTHOther (on overtime forms)
OTHOne Tree Hill (band and TV show)
OTHOff the Hook
OTHOther Than Honorable (characterization of US military discharge)
OTHOpportunity To Hear
OTHNorth Bend, OR, USA (Airport Code)
OTHOver the Hedge (film)
OTHOptical Transport Hierarchy
OTHOne Tree Hill (Private) Limited (Lahore, Pakistan)
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Nervous executives have flooded the Over-the-Hill club to learn how to shoot, Mr Laredo says.
Mezaache's high point was a win against an over-the-hill John Thaxton in 2009 but he has generally been softly matched.
His first play, Joy Above, had a public reading at the Everyman, and his follow up, the off-beat Electric Hills - about an over-the-hill, one-hit wonder from the 1980s now on his uppers - was premiered at Hope Street in 2007.
DIEGO MARADONA was written off as "an over-the-hill gunfighter" as Germany revelled in their World Cup demolition of Argentina.
French director Sylvain Chomet's story about an over-the-hill magician is set in Paris, Edinburgh and the Western Isles, and paints Scotland in a light never seen before in cinema.
One-eyed, over-the-hill US Marshal Rooster Cogburn reluctantly agrees to help a girl track down her father's killer, but the quest is complicated by a Texas Ranger, who is also on the murderer's tail, and a host of other villains who have few qualms about disposing of the meddling lass and her protector.
You think you can hide in bowls, furiously pumping away for the coping you'll never get, all the while sticking your fat ass out like some over-the-hill broad, but we see you.
The Light Department will promote an energy basket, and the Council on Aging will offer an over-the-hill basket.
about a pair of over-the-hill dueling divas -- and cast former ``Dynasty'' stars Joan Collins and Linda Evans in the lead roles could have done us all a favor by going back to sleep and forgetting the whole thing.
Screen version of helmer Didier Caron's hit play has the cohesive feeling of one very long night during which the facade of romance and cordiality crumbles for bride, groom and well-delineated guests, with only the inept caterer and wacky over-the-hill band escaping unscathed.
It's not unusual for an over-the-hill, past their sell-by date celebrity to increase their pension fund.
The Brit, catapulted from obscurity to Vegas headliner simply by smacking another over-the-hill competitor Mike Tyson, converted from Christianity to Islam in 1999.
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