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OTHOver-The-Horizon (usually radar)
OTHOther (on overtime forms)
OTHOne Tree Hill (band and TV show)
OTHOff the Hook
OTHOther Than Honorable (characterization of US military discharge)
OTHOpportunity To Hear
OTHNorth Bend, OR, USA (Airport Code)
OTHOver the Hedge (film)
OTHOptical Transport Hierarchy
OTHOne Tree Hill (Private) Limited (Lahore, Pakistan)
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Nervous executives have flooded the Over-the-Hill club to learn how to shoot, Mr Laredo says.
The Light Department will promote an energy basket, and the Council on Aging will offer an over-the-hill basket.
All you get is an over-the-hill soccer player who has a loyal and adoring following of young women.
Gavin and Stacey will be produced by Steve Coogan who appeared alongside Ruth in the recent comedy Saxondale, about an over-the-hill roadie who cannot forget his 1970s heydays.
Don't worry, though, we will have plenty to spend on a couple of over-the-hill lumbering journeymen donkeys, with no connection or passion for the club whatsoever Euell, Sheringham, Goater, Ormondroid, form an orderly queue
Fabulous fuchsias, pelargoniums, coreopsis, dahlias and verbena can take the place of over-the-hill spring bedding and all those nice little things you bought around May that never did quite make it.
The Brit, catapulted from obscurity to Vegas headliner simply by smacking another over-the-hill competitor Mike Tyson, converted from Christianity to Islam in 1999.
Something is radically wrong at Edgbaston when even over-the-hill crocks don't want to play for the Bears.
McLeish is a firm fan of Rae, who started his career at Falkirk, and took a swipe at those who have accused him of putting together a Dads Army of over-the-hill stars.
Rather than rely on the crew of mysterious over-the-hill dudes who usually pick the winners, the Boost contest had these little remote-control devices that the skaters could pick up and use to vote with after each heat.
But ironically, the best show all evening was put on by a group of over-the-hill men, members of Medea Sirkas, who have been performing together for more than twenty years.
Then there's Patti Smith, the over-the-hill punk poetess who once wowed Madison Square Garden audiences with songs about adolescent alienation and all-night sex.
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