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The data shows that between 2009/10 and 2017/18, a total of [pounds sterling]307,821,092 was overpaid. Of this, [pounds sterling]28,460,095 has not yet been refunded.
Anyone who was overpaid by more than PS500 will be able to keep PS100.
Earlier in her trial, prosecutor Ieuan Rees said: "Laura Hicks in simple terms was overpaid, knew she was overpaid and did nothing about it, it's as simple and as straightforward as that.
we 5,000 issued 6,000 "Last year we prosecuted around 5,000 fraudsters and issued around 6,000 administrative penalties and recovered a record PS1.1bn in overpaid benefits."
Always have an emergency fund of three to six months' worth of bills as even if you've overpaid a mortgage, if you lost your job you could face mortgage arrears.
The Trust, one of the largest mental health and disability Trusts in England, identified that 88 members of staff were overpaid a total of PS38,663 and 167 members of staff were underpaid a total PS190,000 over a period of up to six years.
The year before, in 2013, travellers left nearly PS45,000 unclaimed in overpaid fares.
Numeral people have issued notice to IESCO through court to have their overpaid money back whereas IESCO has planned to adjust the overpaid money through bills .
More than five million taxpayers have been receiving tax calculations because they had either overpaid or underpaid tax in the year to April.
There are NBA's (http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/566928/20140919/nba-worst-contracts-wade-stoudemire-johnson.htm#.VCDnliuSx68) overpaid players (Dwyane Wade, Joe Johnson) and (http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/566878/20140919/jeremy-lin-kobe-bryant-overpaid-nba-players.htm#.VCDnsiuSx68) way overpaid players (Jeremy Lin, Kobe Bryant), a group with toxic contracts that it's impossible to seriously consider the teams they are playing for as serious contenders because their contracts hold back those franchise from title or playoff contention for the upcoming 2013-2014 NBA season.