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OVPDOrganic Vapor Phase Deposition
OVPDOro Valley Police Department (Oro Valley, AZ)
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The Trust said those underpaid had been reimbursed, while overpaid staff have been asked to return the extra money they received, although no deadline for that has been set.
Cllr Mike Priestley (inset), Conwy's nance and resources spokesman, said: "It's good news that we have found this money has been overpaid.
The 100 Most Overpaid CEOs: Executive Compensation at S&P 500 Companies also examines the voting records of mutual funds, identifying those that are uncritically rubber-stamping the recommendations of the compensation committees.
As soon as I was told I had been overpaid I agreed to repay the money, no problem.
Leaving aside loans fully paid off, this equates to around 34% of all mortgages taken out in that period, with PS13,400 typically overpaid.
Anderson Cooper and David Letterman are also overpaid, based on the LA Times' calculations.
The inquiry found one hospital consultant who was overpaid EUR16,054 almost 20 years ago.
CASES of fraud and misconduct are being investigated after an audit revealed questionable land deals and millions of pounds overpaid by the Housing Executive.
Matthew1: "No-one likes a pay cut, but to say you're overpaid is an understatement.
76 in overpaid Employment Security Department benefits.
MR McGOLDRICK'S reaction to your report of Merseytravel's pounds 12,000 charity donation from overpaid tunnel tolls is both mean-spirited and small-minded, and demonstrates his lack of understanding of how the Tunnels actually operate ("pounds 12,000 overpaid in Mersey tunnel tolls to go to charity", June 22).
Despair, at the lack of dignity shown by the very people who should be overseeing economies in the bloated, over-manned, overpaid city council.