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Surfynol 355 surfactant is a proprietary wetting agent designed to provide dynamic wetting without generating excess foam in water-based pigment dispersions, inks, overprint varnishes, adhesives and coatings.
Sun Chemical's global reach and understanding of global regulations, good manufacturing practices and specific food packaging regulations gives the company the capability to develop and test water, solvent, energy curable coatings, including primers, overprints and materials in order to provide enhanced functionality such as barrier properties.
On the Chinese territory, mainly in the most important trade centres, have operated the foreign post offices which have used stamps of their land, stamps with an overprint of Chinese cities or stamps with the name 'China' in various languages.
First, our high performance coatings can replace plastic films for overprint protection.
The overprint size will depend on component type and keep-out distance between various components.
Overlake is an overprint varnishes specialist with 70 employees at one site.
More specifically Troykyd D742 provides excellent air release in a wide range of aqueous applications, including wood finishes, architectural latex paints, industrial enamels, inks and overprint varnishes.
Michelman's Plate Kote Series is a clear, overprint varnish that resists the seepage of moisture into paper substrates and provides a durable, high gloss finish.
Taking full advantage of the superior quality, reliability and user friendly features of the AllenCodeNX printers, the leading independent family owned bakery, most famous for its Lancashire Bottom Muffins, is using three coders to overprint date and traceability information onto its entire morning goods product range.
Ashland's PureRad'" and PureKote'" overprint varnishes are certified by the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) under the HP Indigo Overprint Varnish Performance program.
ALTANA takes over the European business for water-based and UV overprint varnishes of The Valspar (France) Corporation, S.
Ashland Licensing and Intellectual Property LLC has received a patent for a low gloss, UV curable overprint varnish composition comprised of the reaction product of a low gloss additive, comprised of a liquid Michael addition resin, comprised of the reaction product of Michael donor and a Michael accepter, and a polyamide polymer powder, and a reactive acrylate monomer, wherein the overprint varnish composition has a lower gloss value as determined by ASTM 523-89 at 60[degrees] than an overprint varnish composition without the combination of the Michael addition resin and the polyamide powder.