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O/ROn Request
O/ROutright (foreign exchange transactions)
O/ROperational Requirement
O/ROptical Reader (band)
O/ROffice Routing
O/ROfloxacin Plus Rifampin
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The overrated professions were chosen from the Jobs Rated report's list of 200 jobs for their inherent stress, competition and industry volatility and high job turnover.
No, it doesn't - it proves Arsenal are wildly overrated.
1 seeded Celtics being overrated themselves after they needed seven games to eliminate his team.
The year's publishing turkeys and triumphs are revealed in Prospect magazine's list of the most overrated and underrated books
But I say iconic is rapidly becoming one of the top overused, overrated, and sometimes misused words in current usage.
There are a few hilarious moments too ("Really Rich Italian Satanists"), but if Dirty Sanchez truly believe "youth and beauty is so overrated," next time they should try acting their age, not their shoe size, when setting words to music.
It would be way overrated, unless I'm the one having it, of course.
It does matter: I must take exception to the central message of TJ and Sandar Larkin's recent CW article, "Mission Impossible: Increasing Employee Trust in Your CEO" [January-February 2006]: that CEO communication with employees is overrated and should be subsidiary to top dogs' contact with external stakeholders.
However, it is an overrated and counterproductive trap, often misconstrued as dedication to the job, while failure to multitask is often seen as being lazy.
Among his haters, he's an overrated director, who self-servingly invokes the "race card" and flaunts his Knicks season tickets.
Hartford wrote, "I believe this `beaver fever' is overrated.
Trudeau was an arrogant and much overrated person and his multiculturalism is badly flawed.