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He began to look on Simeon as an overrated amateur.
Undoubtedly," he said, as he twirled and untwirled a note signed Helen Ambrose, "the gifts needed to make a great commander have been absurdly overrated.
I have not overrated my interest," he said, pointing to a little slip of paper in his hand.
Although he is agreeable to a certain extent with the duo, Chappell, however, said that he believed that experience is overrated, as a lot of players who have been around for any length of time and are still not progressing in their own game may not be the right players at all.
Garcia's father Angel said: "Khan is an overrated fighter.
Jackson claimed Greene made the comments about the Americans being overrated at the world championships press conference last year in South Korea.
No, it doesn't - it proves Arsenal are wildly overrated.
BOSTON - The Celtics' first order of business in taking on Cleveland in the Eastern Conference semifinals was to not inspire LeBron James by calling him overrated.
By sticking to his prescribed rehabilitation, Monk showed scouts that concerns about a bum knee were overrated, running two 40-yard dashes in 4.
The year's publishing turkeys and triumphs are revealed in Prospect magazine's list of the most overrated and underrated books
But I say iconic is rapidly becoming one of the top overused, overrated, and sometimes misused words in current usage.
There are a few hilarious moments too ("Really Rich Italian Satanists"), but if Dirty Sanchez truly believe "youth and beauty is so overrated," next time they should try acting their age, not their shoe size, when setting words to music.