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Rauner used his amendatory veto power to rewrite 29 bills, and 21 of those (72 percent) were passed with enough votes to override.
There is now a chance for lawmakers to do something historic and pass the first ever veto override on an issue that stands to benefit so many SSS pensioners.
Supporters will need 34 votes to defeat the override.
This time the override passed, costing the average residential taxpayer an additional $500 per year forever.
First, Democrats held 270 seats in the 102nd Congress (61%), and therefore needed Republican assistance to override President Bush's veto.
House members on Wednesday voted 55-41 in favor of the override. The Senate followed with a 26-7 vote.
only override the stay where "urgent and compelling circumstances
Installing brake override systems, which would allow the brake to override the accelerator even if the accelerator is depressed, would push up vehicle costs to some extent.
Mazda Motor Corporation (Mazda) (TYO: 7261), a Japan-based automaker, is installing a brake override system on its 2011 models.
Typically, calendars are used to override the normal weekly schedule so that when the building is unoccupied normal HVAC equipment operation does not occur.
Ted Kulongoski's demands after the House failed to override the governor's veto of the Legislature's more generous version.