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Siam was made part of the Empire, and, in spite of all that England could do, Burma and the Malay Peninsula were overrun; while all along the long south boundary of Siberia, Russia was pressed severely by China's advancing hordes.
Napal and Bhutan were overrun, and the whole northern boundary of India pressed against by this fearful tide of life.
According to the DGCA, the aircraft touched down late at approximately 4,462 feet from the runway threshold and resulted in a runway overrun. (ANI)
This week it was revealed Health Minister Simon Harris was made aware of an overrun of [euro]191million and a potential further overrun of [euro]200million as far back as August 2018.
Further investigations also revealed that part of the cost overrun threatening to overshoot the $1.5bn Lagos-Ibadan standard gauge rail project includes: Apapa port rail sidings initially budgeted at 2.4km, but now estimated at 6.4km.
Meanwhile, Neda data also showed cost overruns for various projects P7.84 billion between 2014 and 2017.
"Total original cost of implementation of 1,304 projects was Rs 16.21 lakh crore and their anticipated completion cost is Rs 18.41 lakh crore, which reflects overall cost overrun of Rs 2.19 lakh crore (13.56 per cent of original cost)," the ministry's latest report for January 2018 said.
Runway Overrun Prevention System (ROPS) is an on-board cockpit technology which Airbus and NAVBLUE have pioneered over several years.
Keeping construction cost within the budget and away from cost overrun is contributing to the national financial stability and development sustainability of a country.
The policy, according to dela Rosa, would apply to provincial directors if two police stations under the province are overrun and eventually to the regional directors if two of his provincial directors are relieved over rebel attack.