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O/SOperating System
O/SOne Size
O/Son sale
O/SOutstanding (unpaid insurance claim)
O/SOut of State
O/SOversize (Canada Post)
O/SOn Scene
O/SOutstanding Shares (stock market)
O/SOcean Surveillance
O/SOutlaw Shark
O/SOrganisation/Schmelt (Germany/Poland)
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The foundation also introduced Financial Aid Scheme to provide financial assistance to the destitute families of Overseas Pakistanis in the event of death or disability of an Overseas Pakistani.
He said the Punjab government had been constituted committees under the chair of elected representatives at district level to resolve the problems of overseas Pakistanis.
He said that overseas Pakistanis raising the image of Pakistan in foreign countries through their hard work deserve all out respect and their interests will be safeguarded and no one will be allowed to grab their properties.
5 million UK nationals living overseas, but there are fewer than 20,000 currently on the electoral registers.
Chapter 5 elaborates on the knowledge preparation before application of imported overseas medical device registration to let overseas medical device manufacturer understand the unique Chinese approach for medical device registration and lay the knowledge foundation for the practical operation.
On June 2014 the Department of Foreign Affairs opened the first Overseas Voter Registration Center (OVRC) in the Philippines, for this election cycle, Office of Consular Affairs (OCA), Macapagal Avenue, ASEANA Business Park, ParaEaque City.
China Life expects, with higher overseas investment ratio, investment earnings to increase by NT$1 billion yearly, saying that return on overseas investments reach between 3.
The conference spread over two days will have four sessions broadly on policy issues governing emigration for overseas employment, skill development for better employment opportunities overseas, improving the relations between the overseas employer and the worker and promotion of overseas employment for migrant workers.
Recommendation: To help ensure that FDA's overseas offices are able to fully meet their mission of helping to ensure the safety of imported products, the Commissioner of FDA should ensure, as it completes its strategic planning process for the overseas offices, that it develops a set of performance goals and measures that can be used to demonstrate overseas office contributions to long-term outcomes related to the regulation of imported products and that overseas office activities are coordinated with the centers and Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA).
Overseas voters or citizens expecting to travel overseas on the day of the elections, had the opportunity to register to cast their vote overseas between 29 Sept.
The message states that the Navy Overseas Screening Program is a key component guaranteeing that proper support is available to Sailors and families stationed overseas.
Sattar said this while addressing huge gatherings of overseas Pakistanis in Bradford and Halifax, UK.