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O/SOutstanding Shares (stock market)
O/SOcean Surveillance
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O/SOrganisation/Schmelt (Germany/Poland)
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Although a good quality coat may not come cheap, even on the high street, an oversize coat is for life, not just for this season.
Oversize particles flow outward in a spiral pattern, and cascade at any point over the periphery of the circular screen onto a spiral vibratory trough that directs the material into a high capacity discharge spout.
The products available for blending were an oversize RAP, an oversize shingle and fine RAP.
Oversize folders, designed to support storage in steel flat files (map cabinets) should be slightly smaller than the size of the file drawer or exactly half the size of the drawer.
As the meat fat contains skin and cartilage that are difficult to break down, the liquid product is then fed to a filtration system to remove any oversize contamination.
The low profile Centri-Sifter centrifugal screener with integral bag dump station removes oversize contaminants and de-lumps manually dumped bulk materials.
Rotex's line of Plastic Pellet Screeners operates with a horizontal, gyratory/reciprocating motion d features a "dual-velocity" drive with a positive-displacement stroke that achieves superior removal of oversize and longs, according to the company.
Oversize particles are moved to the screen periphery in a spiral pathway and discharged through an outlet, while undersize particles drop through to the next screen.
Jensen's carburettor was allegedly found to be marginally oversize during Peterborough's shock 46-44 victory at Poole on Monday night.
If you're thinking pink or ordering oversize, then you're safe from committing a fashion faux pas.
Not long ago, brands like FUBU--marked by vibrant colors, oversize styles and prominent logos--could only be found in small specialty stores in black neighborhoods.