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O/SOperating System
O/SOne Size
O/Son sale
O/SOutstanding (unpaid insurance claim)
O/SOut of State
O/SOversize (Canada Post)
O/SOn Scene
O/SOutstanding Shares (stock market)
O/SOcean Surveillance
O/SOutlaw Shark
O/SOrganisation/Schmelt (Germany/Poland)
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Although a good quality coat may not come cheap, even on the high street, an oversize coat is for life, not just for this season.
The solid black line plotted with SPL is from Copperton's oversize particle monitor (in percentage of sample) from the combined overflow of all 10 cyclones in the battery.
Oversize particles flow outward in a spiral pattern, and cascade at any point over the periphery of the circular screen onto a spiral vibratory trough that directs the material into a high capacity discharge spout.
There isn't a piece of oversize military cargo that we cannot put on these ships," said Pat Wright, skipper of the Race.
In addition to being an inexpensive product for paving and patching, using this product could also reduce the stockpiles of excess oversize RAP and oversize shingles that the contractor currently deals with.
Like oversize envelopes, the increased expense is almost never justified.
There are many advantages to a digital camera over a flatbed or book scanner, which are apparent when faced with oversize materials, objects of different shapes, or extremely precious book objects, such as a bound manuscript.
This helps remove oversize particles at very high rates.
The oversize claw cocks open when two muscles pull the prongs in opposite directions.
As the meat fat contains skin and cartilage that are difficult to break down, the liquid product is then fed to a filtration system to remove any oversize contamination.
The low profile Centri-Sifter centrifugal screener with integral bag dump station removes oversize contaminants and de-lumps manually dumped bulk materials.