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OVOpenbaar Vervoer
OVOriginal Version
OVEstonian Air (IATA airline code)
OVOpenView (Hewlett Packard)
OVOutput Voltage
OVOrganic Vapor
OVOrbiter Vehicle
OVOffice Visit
OVOsservatorio Vesuviano
OVOperational View
OVOy Vey
OVOptimum Voice
OVOfficial Veterinarian (UK)
OVOffice Vision
OVOfficial Visitor
OVOutside Vendor
OVOverstays (immigration)
OVOrbiting Vehicle
OVOperational Value
OVOutlet Velocity
OVOcean Venture
OVOrbital Verification (Hubble Telescope)
OVObservation Vehicle
OVOrchestra Victoria (South Melbourne, Australia)
OVOverseas National Airways
OVOrganizational Value
OVObservatory Verification
OVOnbepaald Verband (Dutch)
OVO'Nyong-nyong fever virus
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Those who overstay can face a host of issues and should be aware of them.
The large and growing percentage of newly undocumented persons will bypass the wall entirely and simply overstay their visas.
The out-of-country overstay violator is identified on this overstay list.
In the early 1990s, policy makers became especially concerned about nonimmigrant overstays, specifically aliens who entered legally on a temporary basis and failed to depart.
When the once widely-needed stress response overstays its welcome--as it often does these days, in which our work-related worries, for example, seem never to entirely resolve--unhealthy and often chronic stress results.
Measures adopted following the 9-11 attacks required cross-checking Mexican entrants with the entry-exit visa database to screen for criminals, terrorists and visa overstays (three of the 9-11 hijackers had overstayed their visas).