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"If you do not overtake him before we reach Bourget you shall have twenty francs; if not before Louvres, thirty."
"Hurry, hurry!" said Andrea, "we must overtake him soon." And the poor horse resumed the desperate gallop it had kept up since leaving the barrier, and arrived steaming at Louvres.
"Certainly," said Andrea, "I shall not overtake my friend, but I shall kill your horse, therefore I had better stop.
We are not coming by the same route; but we'll pick up their trail sometime today, even if we don't overtake them."
Who was so stupid as to believe that they could have expected to overtake another party, and he had certainly assured her that momentarily he expected to do so, when that party's route was not to meet theirs for several miles yet?
Attempt by the motorcycle rider (who was carrying two passengers on the motorcycle) to overtake the truck from the left through a narrow space, the truck crushed them and all of them died on the spot.
"The Highway Code states, overtake only when it is safe and legal to do so and that drivers should allow vulnerable road users as much room as they would when overtaking a car.
He said that having pulled out to overtake, Roberts had been unable to regain the correct side of the carriageway.
He then overtook a trailer and as he attempted to overtake the second trailer, he collided head on with an oncoming one," he told the Star on phone.
I was talking to a friend in the vehicle when the accident occurred, he said, adding, the driver tried to overtake another car.
"The driver of the car says there was a gap between her car and the lorry in front of her but the defendant chose to overtake the lorry, but that wasn't going to be possible because the road narrows.
Australia needed to win 3-0 or better to overtake South Africa while they had to avoid losing 3-1 or worse to ensure that neither New Zealand nor England could overtake them.