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Certainly," said Andrea, "I shall not overtake my friend, but I shall kill your horse, therefore I had better stop.
We are not coming by the same route; but we'll pick up their trail sometime today, even if we don't overtake them.
Who was so stupid as to believe that they could have expected to overtake another party, and he had certainly assured her that momentarily he expected to do so, when that party's route was not to meet theirs for several miles yet?
However, things take a turn for the worst when the white Astra attempts to move out to also overtake when the dark Astra is alongside it.
According to figures released by tyre supplier Pirelli on Tuesday, there were a total of 435 overtakes over the 20 races.
Talking to media, Khairpur Senior Superintendent of Police Azfar Mahesar said that survivors said that the police that driver had erred in trying to overtake the truck amid thick fog.
As a result of that, the decision was he made to overtake that vehicle.
However, the combined consumer spend on Google Play and third-party Android stores is expected to overtake it in 2017 thanks to their dominant smart device market share and strong installed base growth," App Annie said in its press release.
Robert Chapman, Assistant Coroner for Rutland and North Leicestershire, concluded that Jake died as a result of a road traffic collision, but his comments criticised Mr King's decision to overtake.
Earlier in May this year, Rocky Yadav, son of another ruling party lawmaker Manorama Devi had shot dead a teenager Aditya Sachdeva when he dared to overtake his car.
The video, captured by driving instructor Emma Sherdley's dashboard camera, shows a silver Volkswagen Golf overtake Ms Sherdley's car before attempting to overtake a blue van in front.
And traffic authorities warned that all motorists caught driving on the hard shoulder of the roads to overtake other vehicles are now punished under laws that carry hefty fines of Dhs1,000 and have 12 black points on their licence.