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As I dissected the book, my interest level rose further as I read how economists have viewed overtime as it occurs in a standard nine-to-five job versus how it is perceived on the farm of my younger days.
The biggest overtime payment to an individual was PS23,000, made by Gwent Police to a safety camera unit operator.
Security guards at private companies which did not use technical security systems were second in the overtime ranking with 742 156 hours worked by 19 889 people.
The dispute between PASYKI and health ministry concerning government doctors' overtime pay started last year when the government agreed with the troika to overhaul the health sector's overtime wages and eventually pay healthcare employees a normal rate for working between 7am and 7pm.
The social costs associated with the growth in work hours and persistent overtime are particularly worrisome when the long hours are involuntary.
Then, after the second overtime yielded no scoring, both squads scored eight points in the third extra session.
Overtime, however, is typically managed in a reactive way and small differences between the labor budget and what is actually scheduled are difficult to identify.
Almost 17% of workers in this region collectively gave away pounds 727m in unpaid overtime in 2009.
Total deputy overtime has averaged $162 million a year since 2004, according to a county audit released over the weekend.
The latest findings about overtime payments at Cardiff council's waste department are made in a critical council audit report released under Freedom of Information laws.
A The question of overtime work and pay has a number of dimensions.
The use of mandatory overtime can be one of the contributing factors to unsafe patient care provided by nurses as more research demonstrates the impact of nurse fatigue and patient safety.