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OLVOnder Leiding Van (Dutch: under the leadership of)
OLVOutdoor Lifestyle Vehicle
OLVOpen License Value
OLVOur Lady of Victory
OLVOne-Lung Ventilation
OLVOur Lady of Victories
OLVOn-Line Voting (Los Angeles, CA)
OLVOrderly Liquidation Value (banking)
OLVOur Lady of the Visitation (Paramus, NJ)
OLVOvo-Lacto-Vegetarian (nutrition)
OLVOur Lady of the Visitacion (San Francisco school)
OLVOrdinary Leave
OLVOh la Vache (French slang)
OLVOn Line Validation
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Therefore, the present study aimed to prepare and evaluate the acceptance of a new snack alternative for casual consumption through the development of a cereal bar source of vitamin B12 and protein for ovo-lacto-vegetarian individuals of a Seventh-day Adventist religious institution.
It was carried out between January 2015 and December 2016, focusing on the elaboration of a cereal bar source of protein and vitamin B12 directed at the ovo-lacto-vegetarian public of a religious institution.
The ovo-lacto-vegetarian individuals of this church were invited by the elder to participate in the research.
Sensory analysis was performed by 36 ovo-lacto-vegetarian individuals, of which 52.8% were male (n = 19) and 47.2% female (n = 17).
Table 3 presents the percentage of acceptability of the taste, aroma, color and texture of the protein12 cereal bar by ovo-lacto-vegetarians. It is observed that 97.3% of the ovo-lacto-vegetarian individuals demonstrated to like the taste of the cereal bar.
The cereal bar source of vitamin B12 and protein was well accepted by the ovo-lacto-vegetarian public in all variables studied.
Percentage evaluation of good acceptability regarding the taste, aroma, color and texture of the cereal bar, according to schooling level, by ovo-lacto-vegetarian individuals.
Menu line 2 is obligatory ovo-lacto-vegetarian and is based on the quantities after the orientation for food quantities in the lunch.
I was an ovo-lacto-vegetarian for several years until I returned to Manila in 2005 and reverted to being an omnivore owing to my anemia.
Nutrient intake of endurance runners with ovo-lacto-vegetarian diet and regular western diet.
The most common are the lacto-vegetarian, ovo-lacto-vegetarian, vegan and macrobiotic vegetarian diets.
To be fair to the govt of India, the green apparently stands for "Safe for consumption by Lacto-Vegetarians", in which Ovo-Lacto-Vegetarians and Pisco-Ovo-Lacto-Vegetarians would like form unions and sit in hartals.