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PWNTOwned (online slang, incorrect spelling of owned)
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603: A 1,427-SF unit owned by Berry and Terry Lemke.
First Sajir owned by Abdullah bin Ali Al Mamari and ridden by Asaad bin Ali Al Siyabi, second Zaeem owned by Ahmed bin Essa Al Balushi and ridden by Hamid bin Darwish Al Balushi, third Al Majid owned by Abdullah bin Sulaiman Al Farsi and ridden by Saber bin Mohammed Al Balushi.
Example 1: X, Y and Z have each owned an equal interest in Loss Co.
Of the roughly 23 million privately owned businesses in the U.
UPN is owned by Viacom, which owns CBS; NBC has a minority interest in the PAX broadcast network.
Holcomb is symbolic of an unrecognized fact of life in Los Angeles: Many of the companies serving the millions of Mexicans in the city are not owned by Mexicans.
Both provide "minority" certification to companies that are owned by African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, women, or, in the case of the SBA, are owned by people who can prove they belong to some other socially or economically disadvantaged group.
Strengthen the city policies concerning women owned businesses.
A family-owned business interest qualifies for relief if it is a trade or business interest in either a proprietorship or an entity of which 50% is owned by the decedent and members of his or her family, 70% is owned by members of two families or 90% is owned by members of three families.
A firm was classified as being owned by individuals of a specific race, ethnic group, or sex if more than 50 percent of the ownership shares at the end of 1993 belonged to such individuals.
Rent-A-Center, the Wichita-based chain owned by Thorn EMI, a global conglomerate whose other assets include country-music star Garth Brooks, controls, 1,200 of the industry's 7,500 or so stores.
National News will be added to an impressive list of companies owned or co-owned by the brothers Connelly and other members of the family.