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OXAOxalis (plant genus)
OXAOxo-Xanthurenic Acid
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The problem with oxalis eradication is its wiry tap root and explosive seed capsules.
The housings are manufactured and certified by Oxalis Group Ltd in the UK (http://www.
Today, looking back 20 years, he is still surprised but pleased to see the regular growth registered by Oxalis year-on-year.
Keeping that in mind, Aune found a patch of oxalis, plucking a few of its tart leaves for the dozens who came to wander the park's nine-year-old native plant garden for a two-hour tour.
The collection of Anemone, Iris, Oxalis, Allium, Chinodoxa, Tarda, Linfolia and Jetfire is normally worth more than pounds 30 but can be yours for just the cost of the postage, pounds 4.
This is a member of the oxalis family from South America.
Dig out perennials such as dandelion, oxalis, and quack grass before they set seed; tackle bindweed by repeatedly cutting the tops back to ground level.
Chemicals are also available for the eradication of oxalis.
Anemones are another treat, best in the front of borders, and don't miss out on oxalis or those old favourites, snowdrops and hyacinths.
And fun for the kids to observe is the Oxalis adenphylia, which only allows its pink flowers to open in the sunshine.
Wood sorrel ydi'r enw Saesneg arno, ac Oxalis acetosella ydi'r enw gwyddonol.