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In late 2014, Ener-Core entered into a global licensing agreement with Dresser-Rand to develop and market Dresser-Rand's KG2-3G 2 MW gas turbine coupled with Ener-Core's Power Oxidizer.
A simulation of the rocket, assuming the container stores about 48 tons of oxidizer, showed that the propellant is capable of carrying 500 kilograms of warhead and flying over 10,000 kilometers, a distance long enough to hit the western US, he said.
EPA expects many plants to install thermal oxidizers to destroy these emissions.
The new thermal oxidizer will be limited to a maximum annual output of 69.
whether it is with their infrared burners, heat regeneration technology or catalytic oxidizers, the environment has always been something the company's president, Stephan Diedrich, has been concerned with, according to Shawn Contreras, marketing and business development manager of Diedrich Manufacturing, Inc.
Regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) are designed to destroy VOCs/HAPs from process exhaust fumes.
Here, the oxidizer is either oxygen or another compound that accepts electrons readily enough and fast enough to drive the heat-releasing chemical reactions that underlie burning.
Unlike conventional rockets, which carry a mixture of fuel and oxidizer internally, the new engine will need only conventional liquid hydrocarbon fuel and extract the oxygen needed for combustion from the air.
Consumer type nickel-cadmium battery packs are placed in a natural gas fired thermal oxidizer where the plastic is vaporized, leaving clean nickel-cadmium battery cells.
The 26-foot-long vehicle, powered by rockets using hydrogen peroxide as an oxidizer, hit 365 miles per hour in September.
A method for the abatement of contaminant-laden process emissions produced by various wood manufacturing processes comprises the step of flowing the emissions through an oxidation catalyst located in a regenerative catalytic oxidizer to remove volatile organic compounds (VOC's), methanol, formaldehyde, resins, binders, and hazardous air pollutants (HAP's) at lower peak temperatures than the temperatures encountered in regenerative thermal oxidizers.