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HHOHome and Home Office
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HHOHava Harp Okulu (Turkish Air Force Academy)
HHOHard HO (Handover) (telecommunications)
HHOHovevei Hamusica Orchestra (Jerusalem, Israel)
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HyPower also hopes to adapt this technology for transportation purposes by enabling vehicles to burn oxyhydrogen produced on-board and on-demand either in a hybrid or a sole source fuel scenario.
After extensive technical research and development work, HyPower believes that the H2 Reactor's electrolysis process is technologically the most efficient to date with an unprecedented potential ratio of approximately1 liter of oxyhydrogen production to an electrical input of 1 watt hour.
Douglas Bender, President of HyPower, stated that "we are "pumped up" about the future of the H2 Reactor as an aftermarket product to allow a standard gasoline car to be converted to an oxyhydrogen hybrid.