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In a study recently published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, researchers studied the effects of drought on increased air pollution in ozone gas.
Some teachers use educational packages from the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) that have been specifically tailored to address topics about the Earth's ozone layer.
Ozone in the stratosphere, profoundly important for life on land and in surface waters, can be depleted by industrial chemicals.
Past studies have used statistical analyses of changes in the ozone hole's size to argue that ozone depletion is decreasing.
EuOTA also works to improve the education, information and regulation around the use of Ozone, ensuring efficient and safe products and practices are maintained at all times.
NOAA ground- and balloon-based measurements also showed the least amount of ozone depletion above the continent during the peak of the ozone depletion cycle since 1988.
This image shows projected ozone concentrations for the year 2042, with (left) and without (right) the Montreal Protocol to reduce CFCs begun in the 1980s.
Indoor ozone is virtually always lower than outdoor ozone because ozone is highly reactive with chemicals commonly found indoors and many indoor surfaces.
The ozone layer helps protect the planet's surface from harmful ultraviolet radiation.
Ozone has been shown to possess unique properties and has potential applications to the clinical practice of dentistry and medicine.