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The ozone-forming process involves a cycle in which on one side the energy of sunlight breaks NO2 into NO + O, with the free oxygen quickly uniting with molecular oxygen to form ozone, and on the other, NO becomes NO2 by receiving an oxygen atom from a VOC.
Ray's three assertions--that ozone would be produced in the lower atmosphere regardless of human activity, that it is produced by the interaction of sunlight and hydrocarbons, and that those hydrocarbons are largely produced by plants--are, respectively, a technical truth hiding a falsehood, a sloppily garbled half truth, and a bit of these two mixed with an outright lie.
But such a small decrease is hard to extract from the satellite data, since ozone levels vary widely depending upon seasons, latitude, and sunspot activity.
Rodrick, a food science and human nutrition specialist, said ozone used in food sanitation will not contribute to air pollution or smog.
The key finding of their research is strong and consistent evidence that daily increases in ambient ozone exposure were associated with daily increases in premature mortality.
High levels of ozone irritate the lungs and can cause wheezing and difficulty breathing.
Scientists first detected the Antarctic ozone hole in 1985, and they've watched it reappear every year since.
based Ozone Action, agrees that the problem has still not been solved.
This study was therefore designed to compare the ozone resistance of these TPE condoms with those of commercially available NRL condoms.
In the summer," he said, "the inversion lifts, so in the southern Sierra we see ozone injury in trees up to about 7,000 feet, and in the northern Sierra to about 5,000.
Novazone couples applied food science with patented ozone technologies to provide an environmentally friendly means of reducing water and airborne pathogens without the use of harmful chemicals, making food and water fresh and safe naturally.
Ozone, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon monoxide were measured daily, and [PM.