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PBQPainted Bride Quarterly (Drexel University literary magazine)
PBQPatient Benefit Questionnaire
PBQPittsburgh Bible Quizzing (Pennsylvania)
PBQProfessional Battery Quality
PBQPoor Build Quality (UK electronics industry)
PBQPain Behaviour Questionnaire
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A precalculated amount of resin was placed in a clean beaker and mixed carefully with the weighted inhibitor, p-benzoquinone. The mixture was adequately stirred by using a tongue depressor for 10 min at room temperature.
Isothermal DSC experiments were conducted at 80[degrees]C, 90[degrees]C, and 100[degrees]C with 0.02, 0.04, and 0.06 wt% of p-benzoquinone. A dynamic scan from the isothermal temperature to 250[degrees]C with a ramp rate of 10[degrees]C/min was carried out for each sample following the isothermal scan to determine the residual heat.
Guliaev et al., "The p-benzoquinone DNA adducts derived from benzene are highly mutagenic," DNA Repair, vol.
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Application of quantitative structuretoxicity relationships for the comparison of the cytotoxicity of 14 p-Benzoquinone congeners in primary cultured rat hepatocytes versus PC12 cells.
Oxygen, sulfur, cucl2, Fecl3, p-benzoquinone, nitrobenzene, DPPH(diphenyl picryl hydrazyl) could scavange the radical used in the inks and coatings.
p-benzoquinone acts as an inhibitor as the transfer of protons from the propagating carbenium ion and/or initiator-protonated species to form p-hydroquinone.
It is reported that the PAQ from Jeffamine D-400 (polyoxypropylenediamine) and p-benzoquinone showed adequate properties to be used in coating formulations as a binder and anti-corrosive agent.
Antifeedant and phytotoxic activity of the sesquiterpene p-benzoquinone perezone and some of its derivatives.