p104Protein of 104 Kilodaltons
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011) per share, 70% lower than the earnings of P104,400,000 (US$3,880,000) or P0.
Citing data of the DOF, the labor and employment chief said the total amount of de minimis benefits that each worker-taxpayer can claim when the measure takes effect will reach P104, 225, up by P10,000 from the current level of P94, 225.
7 billion for the first seven months of 2014 compared to P104.
Isidro Ungab (3rd District, Davao City) on the DILG's proposed P104.
With this module, users can choose the base screen color (P45 blue base or P104 clear base) best suited for their applications.
27 mm Display greyscale 256 greyscale per 1 subpixel White chromaticity P104 and P45-like Luminance White chromaticity P104: 930 cd/m(2) TYP.
Contract award: The road P104 IL - Auce - Lithuanian border (Vitini) Section Zebrene - Lielauce 45.
The top five departments who will get the lion's share are the Departments of Education, with P104.