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p112Phosphorylated 112 kDa Protein
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This mineralization is open in all directions and occurs in close proximity to the Perrin, Perrin Bulge, Rand and P112 Zones previously identified by drilling.
The Deformation Zone has been traced for more than 6-8km along strike and, through the discovery and definition of the Naartok and Suluk deposits in 2001 and the identification of significant, albeit lower grade, mineralization in the Rand, Perrin Bulge and P112 areas, we now recognize that the Deformation Zone is a major locus of mineralization," said Tony Walsh, Miramar's President & CEO.
P112 52/4a Hewett field complex (part) P467 48/23a Blythe discovery (a)P702 49/29c (a)P703 50/26b 50/26-P1 discovery (a)P786 53/3c & 53/3d "Horne" discovery (a)P852 53/4b "Wren" discovery (a)P1016 49/29d (a) Acquisition completed 18th June 2001 (b) Acquisition not yet completed
Its total resources as of March 31, 2014 grew 59 percent to P112 billion from a year ago.
In the Madrid area of the Hope Bay project, the Joint Venture has identified high-grade gold mineralization in the Naartok and Suluk areas, while significant thicknesses of lower grade mineralization have been identified in the Perrin, Perrin Bulge, Rand zones and in the P112 area.
The commission made P112 million allocations for one-year lease of warehouse with arrangement amenities for the 80,000 area including the Smartmatic International s optical scan machines that the purchased by the agency.