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p120Phosphoprotein of 120 kDa
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5, he made his second and last harvest of another 6,000 kilos that the sold for P120 per kilo, for a gross of P720,000.
On the other hand, prior to the current tax reform, worker 'B,' a minimum-wage earner, earns a yearly income of P120,720.
Results presented in table 1 show significant values for the studied TP, TPTM and P120 variables, where the Nelore cows were outstanding in comparison to the Guzerat breed.
Therefore, some authors (25) encourage the combined use of E-cadherin and p120 in ambiguous cases.
Hicks says, "In our hands, the Multiplex INC combination of E-cadherin and p120 provided additional information informing the differentiation of ductal vs.
Because PCBs are particularly neurotoxic during embryonic development, we asked whether this clam p120 responds to PCB exposure.
Earlier, the BTr announced the government is planning to offer P120 billion in Treasury-bills and P120 billion in Treasury-bonds in the first three months.
The PAMB will also collect P50 to P120 as parking fee from QPL visitors.
THE Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) is investigating a Liberian-flagged cargo ship after being intercepted with 60,000 sacks of undocumented rice with an estimated value of P120 million in Zamboanga.
RHI) reported an 18 percent hike in consolidated net income to P120 million for its fiscal year ending September 2017 from the P102 million earned last year.
About P120 million worth of smuggled rice was confiscated from a cargo vessel in Zamboanga, Sibugay over the weekend, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) said on Monday.